Friday, August 21, 2009

Orphan – Good movie to watch


I was watching TV the other day when my bro-in-law (Vicq) whispered to me and ask me if I want to go to watch movie. I was like “Now?”. Then he said no, we will go tomorrow. He said he got 2 free tickets from Nuffnang (Thanks Nuffnang!) to watch the premiere of Orphan. I like movie a lot so of course I agree. But the problem is he only get 2 tickets. So how about my fiancé (her sister)?

The next day, he came back from work and we came to a solution. Both of us will go and we will leave my baby at home, alone… yeah, yeah, it is sad and selfish. But there’s no other way. So to calm her down, Vic came up with the idea of to tapau for her KFC when we come home. Since she likes KFC a lot, then she agreed. Hehehe.. Mission accomplished!

So, we went to the movie and hoping that we will be one of the early birds. Ok, ok, we want the free gift! But there are other Nuffnangers who are much earlier than us! End of story. We didn’t get the free gift!

About the movie, I personally enjoyed it! The story was good and unexpected as well. Some of my friends told me that I am a ‘director’ when watching movies because I always predict the outcome and the story lines. But not in Orphan. This story was unexpected and has its own surprises. Overall it was a good movie but I want to get the uncut version! Haha… Nuffnangers who went for the movie will know what I mean.. lol!

Be careful next time when you get to close to what you think is a child because she might be an adult who has a small body. Seriously, I have seen with my own eyes this type of woman. She was about 30 years old on 1998 and she lived at JKR quarters, same place I used to lived. Her heights are just like 10 years old girl but the other parts of the body were perfect. She has what a normal woman has except the body size. That time (1998) I was 14 years old, and I was taller than her. So I didn’t really surprise at the end of the story.

For those who like mystery, surprises or puzzles, you might like to watch this movie. Don’t want to talk much about the movie since I don’t want to be labeled as spoiler! lol.

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