Saturday, September 5, 2009

Making Money Online: Pay Per Lead

This is another post related to making money online. This is just for your info. You can keep for yourself or spread to others. One thing I learned from making money online is 'sharing is caring'. I'm happy when I can help others out there to make the first dollar. Yeah, I'm not talking about hundreds or thousands, just dollars. That's because I'm pretty much like you, don't know much about making money online but I like to share. And by sharing, I actually gets better each time I share the idea of making money.

Keep in mind, making money online is NOT THE SAME as do online business. You can make money online without having a real business whereas an online business is your asset you can use to generate a steady income online.

I'll tell you about 'Pay Per Lead' today...

To start, let us go through the definition of Pay Per Lead.

A type of affiliate marketing program where the advertiser pays the affiliate based on conversion of leads, such as a file or software download, completion of a sign-up form for a newsletter, trial offer sign-up, or other desired action. If a customer follows an affiliate link to the advertiser's site and completes the required action in accordance with the affiliate agreement, the affiliate is paid. (source:
So, instead of marketing for sales, we market for product downloads, software downloads, form completion, etc. As you all know, to join an affiliate program cost you nothing. You can join for free, market seller products or what-so-ever and if somebody make a purchase, you will get the commissions. Pay Per Lead program allow you to get paid just by providing leads to sites that you marketed. However, the payment will be lower than normal affiliate programs. You can simply promote a PPL website get somebody to visit the website to complete a form, download a free program/software and you'll get paid. That's how easy you task is. In fact, this is the great way to start earning your first dollar online!

So that's about it. There's not much to talk about PPL/Affiliate Marketing since it is easy to understand. I will not provide tips to do PPL/Affiliate Marketing here as I just want to let those who want to start making money online about it. But if you insist to know more about PPL/affiliate marketing, let me know. I will give you the necessary links about this. Of course it will not come from me, but the experts. As I told you, I am not an expert (yet) in making money online. I'm still in testing and experimenting stage.

Before you leave, I have couples of local PPL program (which will be in Malay) for you . You might want to try them. See below for details:

1. Wordpress Minisite Templates

The campaign is no longer available
  • Each successful download equal to RM0.50
  • Minimum cash out is RM25.00

2. Free report for H1N1 by

The campaign is no longer available.
  • Each successful email registration equal to RM0.20
  • Minimum cash out is RM10.00 [50 leads (email)]

Their offer will be ended anytime soon. So the faster you act, the faster you can gain the money. The amount may be low per lead, but hey, this is about to get your first dollar online. Don't waste your time, it will only takes few minutes of your time to register and promote this to others. You'll lose nothing. Get paid now!

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  1. interesting!

  2. Yeah! this things are interesting enough! I am doing a part time blogging as of now and ma earning my few dollars.