Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Norikot Nodii Hujung Bulan Lima

Believe it or not, we are reaching the end of May. Time just go so fast that we sometimes didn't realize it!

For all of us Sabahan (Kadazan Dusun Murut), it is the month of Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) and it should be a great month for us to gather together.

But this post is not about talking and sharing about Kaamatan but to share to everybody who read this in or Facebook about Kaamatan Song.

Guys, I actually like this one song. You wont know the composer unless you know him before. I tell you he is a humble guy and you never expect him composing a song. Sorry dude, that was my perception last time. Hehehe.. But after visiting his blog and listen to all of his songs. I was like "Damn! He is good!".

Below is the details of the songs. There are 2 versions of the songs. One is Acoustic Version and another one is Electric Version which is updated version of the acoustic version and featuring Alvin @ Defoo from Infinatez.

Title: This is Kaamatan -Electric Version feat. Alvin Infinatez @ Defoo
Composer: Kay Kastum Standford Junior
Lyric: Kay Kastum Standford Junior

This is Kaamatan (Electric Version) - Kay Kastum and Alvin a.ka. Defoo

Title: This is Kaamatan -Acoustic Version
Composer: Kay Kastum Standford Junior
Lyric: Kay Kastum Standford Junior

This is kaamatan - Kay Kastum

This is the first English Kaamatan Song I heard. I don't know if there is any song like this out there...

Well enjoy the song while we are still in Kaamatan Mood. ^_^

You can listen to the songs before you download it from Kay's Blog.

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan

Jason Aaron a.k.a Gsone

Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (2009) Winner - KRIS ALLEN!

Hi there guys,

It's just been 10 minutes after the live grand finale of American Idol 2009 and it was full of surprise! I can tell you know that I didn't expected that the winner of this year's American Idol is Kris Allen!

Kris Allen is the new American Idol but in nationwide eyes, both of them are winner.

Most of people predicted Adam Lambert will be the new American Idol and he has been my favorite as well. But Kris is also a talented singer, man. As I mentioned in my last post, Kris will be a tough competitor for Adam Lambert.

Well, there's not much to say left. Here is the New American Idol:

American Idol winner for 2009 - Kris Allen.

Jason Aaron

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol Season 8 (2009) Final - Adam Lambert VS Kris Allen

Well guys, the finale is only few hours left - American Idol Final - Adam Lambert VS Kris Allen.

My early prediction for the final was Adam Lambert and Danny Gokey. But unfortunately Danny didn't make it to the final. Anyway, he is a great singer!

I wish he go to the final...
Image Source:

Who do you support? Adam Lambert or Kris Allen?

If you ask me, I always go for Adam Lambert. But I saw Kris performance last week. He sang "Heartless - Kanye West" in acoustic version and I tell you it was really - really better than the original as Randy Jackson said. And if in the final concert, Kris repeat that, I think it will be tough final round man.

He could be a tough competitor for Adam.
Image Source:

I am a fan of ROCK music and that's the reason why I always like Adam Lambert. We saw how he performed every week and he made all of the song as he owned them. There's not much to say here. Please leave your comment and tell me your prediction, opinion or comments. This is a HOT topic for us to discuss.. Hehehe.. And it is getting hot in here, baby.

A gifted and natural ROCKER!
Image Source:

So who do you think will be winner of Season 8? Let just watch and wait for the result. At the meantime, I do need your opinion guys...

Jason Aaron

Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been 19 hours since my last sleep!

Yeah you hear me right. I was awake for 19 hours since my last sleep! What the heck is happening to me? I just... cannot fall asleep.

Has this happened to anyone of you before. I wanted to take the flu pill. What you call that? Piriton? Well, that's what we call. In fact that's the pill's name right? But, I don't want to take it because it might give me side effect..

Since I cannot sleep, here I am, in front of my PC, updating my blog.

People say you have to have enough sleep to gain enough energy or for proper rest for your body. I agree to that. I always wanted to sleep at right hours and to complete the full 8 hours. I have been commenting on my friends status on Facebook and they do the same. Those people that still awake (the last I checked was at 7.00am). I saw people get offline and get online again, ready to go to work. I saw my neighbor woke up as early as 5.00am and get ready to go to their college (they are Mahsa College student). And few hours after this, my housemate (a teacher) will come back from his school. In fact I saw he go to sleep last night and wake up this morning.

Having said that, it is a rare opportunity for me to see what's happening during the supposed to be sleeping hours. I see how night turn to day, dark turn to bright and the I can hear now the sounds of vehicle at the highway which make it is impossible to sleep now.

So I guess I will stay awake until I get tired and realllly sleepy then I will go to bed. As I am writing right now, all of you have started your new day and I feel that I am still in Yesterday. Hehehe.. So instead of saying yesterday "Yesterday", I said it "Just Now". What the heck!

I haven't felt this for a while. I used to be in this situation when I was still working in Hewlett-Packard (HP). Doing night shift was terrible. I got to stay awake for the whole night and go back in the morning. I remember how those fresh faces in the morning coming to work. While me, with the "Night Face". After I reach home, I will do my little thing (internet), only then I go to sleep. And that was already 10-11am in the morning.

There is a good and bad side of working/staying awake at night. I read on my friend, Kay's blog about him working at night. He said that he like to work at night because there are no traffic jam, which is true. And he got the chances to see the sleeping habit of his fellow friends, which I did last night.

The bad side is, it is really hard to adapt to this kind of life man. I mean, we as a human being already used to wake up at day and sleep at night. And sleeping on the day with the light of the day coming through your windows just make you couldn't sleep at all. Unless you are used to it, then it is ok.

I always sleep early. Early as in early in the morning! Usually at 6.00am (it is still dark here in KL, just like 5.00am in Sabah). Hahaha. But that is before sun rise. I just have to make sure that as long as the day light still not appear, I go to sleep. If it is already 7.00am in the morning. That's it! It will took me 1-2 hours to concerntrate to sleep. I sounded weired... lol.

I don't know what to write anymore. You know, when you awake for more than 19 hours you cannot think properly. I think I will be laughing when I wake up later at night and see the craps I say here.

Until next post!

Jason Aaron @ Gsone

Blogger template Testing

Hello there,

Do you like to tweak you blogger's blog? I mean changing the templates, the view, the gadgets, etc...

If you used to do this, means you know what I'm talking about.

Today I'm going to talk about the theme. I like to change my blogger theme and in fact I change it quite often. But before you going to do any changes to your blog template, you should know one thing - BACKUP. Yes, backup your templates to your computer, just in case things turnsbad.

Dear blogger friends,

I actually have another blog just for this purpose. Well, if you have any themes/template to test or want to view it, you can simply contact me (email, sms or even from this blog) and I will test it for you. After install the theme, I will contact you for viewing. Is it free?? Yeah man, it is free... If you interested in this, I prefer to do it live. We communicate on YM/MSN while doing the template installation.

Actually, you can do this yourself. There are tons of templates for you to choose out there and you can preview it. But this is just an alternative for you... Using me as testing place.

I am testing a new template in my template-testing blog. Check it out -

If you want to do this, let me know. Send me the template or provide me the link. I will dowload it and test it.

That's all folks. See you at my next post.

Jason Aaron

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is "Jobless" really means Jobless?

Hi again,

I don't update my blog daily but I do check it daily. But once I update it, there just ideas came up i my mind. So I don't want to keep it until I forget it. It is better for me to update my blog as much as I can in ONE day. hehehe..

Most of my friends knew that I did Network Marketing before. If you're not familiar with Network Marketing, how bout this - MLM? Direct Selling? Yes, I've been there, done that!

Siapaaaa ba suruh ko buat tu (who ask you to do that)???

Nobody. It was all my decision. I was kind of afraid what people will say about this if I write about this in my blog. Actually, it is more to shame than afraid. But, like hell I care now! You will have your own opinion and I respect it. Hehehe...

First about MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Selling.

From your own view, is it wrong? Or is it worth to join this industry? I would say it is not wrong. It is depends on which company you join and how they present the business to you. For your information, I joined DCHL (its usually known as Lampe Berger or SYN). Am I still doing it? The answer is NO! I know most of you will say "sepa suruuuh". I don't care, at least I did tried to change my life in things I have never done before. Is DCHL a scam? No! Well it is depends on how people do the business presentation. I did approach most of my friends, but I tell you what... NONE of them joined. NONE! I did the business presentation for other member and guess what? I closed most of the sales! But I just don't get it, why it was so hard for me to close my own sales! Maybe the packages available are too expensive for them to join... I'm not sure. So after around 3 months in Sabah, I decided to come back to KL since it is hard to expand my network in Sabah. But other network expanding greately. So here I am now, in KL, enjoying my life!

I will tell you what I am doing now in KL. I'm not going to share my personal life but will share my financial life.

After I joined DCHL, the 1st three months were the best months I had. I couldn't believe myself when I got total of RM16,000 in just 3 months! But that was the beginning and after that, I couldn't sustain my business. I did what the successful people in this business taught me, but it just not going anywhere. So after I came back to KL I decided to stop the business for a while. And as of today, I have decided not to continue that business anymore. I never give up in making money, I just thought about the Idea of working from home and I decided will do business from home full time!

Right now I AM JOBLESS! Is "jobless" really means Jobless? It is depends on how you define it. I'm just tired of the question "Sudah dapat kerja ka?". Now I am answering once and for all! I am still Jobless. That's clear! I don't want to hide it anymore. I want to face the reality rather than hiding behind it! I can say I already have a job, but still I am Jobless. So why I need to lie about this? Again, I am JOBLESS!

My definition of Jobless is............. Sitting at home and do nothing. I am not jobless just because I don't work with any company. So what if you are working with Multi National Company and I'm not? What do you have to say about that? Hey guys, I still survive here with good health. I might not have similar job with you guys. I might not working with a company. I might not working with the government! All I want you guys to know is..... if you, who read this post are my friends, I just need your support in what I do not talking behind me or being a SPY to somebody to check me out! I just need support in everything I do to continue my living.


If you are really a friend, don't be a busy-body asking questions like a policeman. Don't come and ask me what I'm doing just for the sake to compare that your job is better than mine. Please have some respect in what I do and I repect what you are doing.

Right now, I am looking for ways of doing anything from home to make money. I make money online and I still does. My income might not be as much as yours but I still able to fill my fridge with foods, pay my rental and bills. You might work in a big company but I work for myself, not others. You might have huge amout of salary at the end of the month but I get my income daily. You are working 9-5 working hours but I work on my own time, I go out whenever I want. As for me, "everyday is Friday".

Don't get angry for the above facts. The thing is, I just want this message to deliver to those that talk bad things at my back. I don't need any apology, I just want you to open your eyes on your surroundings.


You give me SHIT and you will get it back!

Wish you all good luck in everything you do and please wish me luck too.

God Bless and Regards,
Jason Aaron

Google Friend Connect - A great way to connect with friends!!

Hello all,

I think you have noticed another new gadget on my blog. Why do I have to add so many gadgets? Well, I simply like it! I just want to connect to all of my friends in any possible way. And now my goal is to make you guys to be in my Google Friend Connect list. lol.

Here's the screenshot:

Noticed the new blue bar on top of this page? Yes, that's it. That is Google Friend Connect social bar. Rather than posting a comment on my cBox, you can easily post your comments on my social bar. Just post anything BUT virus! Yes, you heard me right, post anything - Comments, Reviews or even a YouTube Link.

I think I can noticed any news by just opening my blog and check the comments posted on the bar rather than open my FaceBook account. But don't get me wrong, Facebook is really cool and I like it, too. But, sometimes I don't open my Facebook account for few days and I might missed any updates of my friends.

By posting your news, events or even promotions of your products (if you have any), I can easily check it on my social bar. Cool isn't it? Yeah it is cool and fast! Hehehe...

Well my fellow friends, it is up to you if you want to add another gadget on your blog. I add this gadget simply because I like it (i said it before) and because it is not too big that it can distract viewers.

Anyhow, as I said earlier, I want you guys to be on my Google Connect friend's list. So don't hesitate, just go and join. Hehehe...

Jason Aaron