Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blogger template Testing

Hello there,

Do you like to tweak you blogger's blog? I mean changing the templates, the view, the gadgets, etc...

If you used to do this, means you know what I'm talking about.

Today I'm going to talk about the theme. I like to change my blogger theme and in fact I change it quite often. But before you going to do any changes to your blog template, you should know one thing - BACKUP. Yes, backup your templates to your computer, just in case things turnsbad.

Dear blogger friends,

I actually have another blog just for this purpose. Well, if you have any themes/template to test or want to view it, you can simply contact me (email, sms or even from this blog) and I will test it for you. After install the theme, I will contact you for viewing. Is it free?? Yeah man, it is free... If you interested in this, I prefer to do it live. We communicate on YM/MSN while doing the template installation.

Actually, you can do this yourself. There are tons of templates for you to choose out there and you can preview it. But this is just an alternative for you... Using me as testing place.

I am testing a new template in my template-testing blog. Check it out -

If you want to do this, let me know. Send me the template or provide me the link. I will dowload it and test it.

That's all folks. See you at my next post.

Jason Aaron

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