Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My final post

Hey guys,

First of all, I want to thank all of my readers that been reading my blog all these years.

2007 was the year when I started to blog in blogger. I had a blog in Friendster before that. I'm aware that I don't have many readers, yet I keep on writing. Why you ask? Well, this blog has been a place for me to improve my English, my writing, a place where I can talk about anything, my thoughts,  my humors (if any), tips, etc.. There, you got your answers.

There were times when I stop blogging for months. That was because I ran out of ideas. I didn't know what to write... Sometimes it was because I was facing difficulties in life. There were times when I just don't care about anything else (including blogging) apart from the problem that I encountered. So, I stop for a while, then I came back, then stop again, then came back again.. Hahaha..

I envy those who can write good articles. I envy those who have a superb blog design. I envy those who earn money by blogging. I envy those who are creative with their posts.

I lack of all those things. I wanted to do all those things but I can't. Or am I just lazy? I guess so...

But I don't want to stop here. Blogging is so much fun. So, this is actually my final post in http://jeesone.blogspot.com. I am actually setting up my new blog with my own domain.

I hope with my new blog:
1. I can make money ^_^
2. I can have great design (I will design myself)
3. I can have quality articles/posts
4. I will be more creative.. ;P

Well I guess that's it for now.. Stay tune for my updates about my new blog.

Good bye blogger. I'm gonna miss you!~


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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Pipe is Here!

It is finally here! Yes, finally I got my pipe. Today it would be less typing.. More on photos. Well, before you go through the photos, I'm sorry for the quality of the photos.. It was taken on my crappy phone. Anyway, enjoy~

Here's about pipe smoking. Before you guys go and buy it, please be prepared for your budget. Coz the first time really cost you more than what you imagined. At least for me.. Hahaha.. I was so excited to buy this pipe that I thought "Ok, it will not be that expensive". First thing first, decide your budget and do a survey on the pipe. You will understand when you see the photos. I thought I only need the pipe and tobacco, but I was wrong. Ok let's start......

This is the box for the pipe. Cost: RM119.00.

Inside the box is... the pipe, ofcourse! lol!

If you thought that was it, see below. There's a filter inside.

The filter. 4o pieces. It is better to get more so that you don't have to go and buy a 10pcs pack everytime. I didn't know that I need this at first. LOL! Cost: RM29.90

Pipe Tobacco. What's a pipe without the tobacco eh? Cost: RM20.00

The pipe cleaner. This is not a must but it will make your life easier when come to cleaning your pipe. You don't want to use your finger to clean the pipe.

This is your pipe companion. Seriously, this one really never came to my mind. It is the tobacco stomper. Used to press your tobacco into the pipe. The other two used to dig your tobacco and clean up those used tobacco inside your pipe. Coz after your smoke, the tobacco will stick inside the pipe hole. So that's when these come in handy. Cost: RM9.00

And finally, this is my own photo smoking with the pipe!

One thing about pipe smoking is that you have to light up the tobacco many times. Oh yes, you need a lighter as well. Your normal lighter wont help much in lighting the pipe. Get a beam lighter - those that light like a lazers. And if you couldn't afford it, get the matches. Because lighting up the pipe is not same like lighting up your normal cigarette.

Once you get your hand with your own pipe, you really can't get your hand off from it! HEhehe.. It is so nice.. It has been 2 days since I started using the pipe and I haven't buy any cigarettes since then. So, I already save RM18.60 and my pipe tobacco still can go until the end of next week. RM20.00 for 1 week is really not bad, rite? And the filter can last for whole day, depending on usage, of course. I just change mine once since the first use.

Well, there you go, I hope this will give you some tips to buy your own pipe.

Until next time,

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Continued... Pipe-Smoking

I was trying to upload a sample photo of the pipe I'm going to get last night but my internet connection back at home was too slow for uploading. So here I am, utilizing my office fast network to upload.. HEhe..

Can you imagine I'm smoking using this?? I can! Hahaha..


Pipe-Smoking Anyone?

I have been crazy about smoking pipe for 5 months now. I wanted to buy it but my financial was not in a good shape previous months. But now, I can afford to buy one. Yeay!

Some people and even my friends laugh at me. They said that I will look like an old man smoking those pipe. Hell no! I don't care. But if we recall back those years when all cigarettes are still not made. Every smokers were using pipe! And that's including young man, my friend!

I'm not sure what made me into pipe smoking. But I really like it. I'm still learning to choose the right pipe, though. Well, you don't just go and choose those crappy pipes right? I'm learning from the expert - none other than Mr. Google! lol!

Well, that's bout it. I'll post some photos with me smoking with my new pipe somewhere around this week.

Until then,

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The hardest word to say is....

What is the hardest word or words you ever have to say. Some say 'sorry', some may say 'no'. Well there's a lot of people out can say those words easily, too! I don't know you guys, but for me, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, it is easy to say those words, and sometimes it doesn't.

I used to criticized those people that hard to say NO. I was like "how hard is it to say NO?" that those people have to make up stories and have to agreed to whatever that asked or offered. Well, those were the days when I was still actively doing sales. Not that I don't do any sales job nowadays. I still doing sales for Borneoclub, sometimes selling Insurance (Prudential). You know what, I noticed that I also belong to the same category. Not in sales matter, though.

I found that it is really, really hard for me to make the 'NO' word to come from my mouth, except when I'm with my friends. The reason is, I concern about the other party's feeling. Because I felt that feeling before. They might be able to handle it, but what if that particular person has helped you a lot in the past? What if that person used to has an impact in your life? These are among the other factors of which it is hard for me to refuse. Some of my friends, even my fiance used to said to me - "You know, that attitude of yours might get yourself in trouble one day". And you know what? They are right!

It didn't happen all the time. Sometimes I just say "Sori la, sia malas ba ni". The result of it - I feel bad. That's another factor there. I don't want to feel bad, and of course other people as well. I supposed to have a meeting at one of my part time job's office later in the morning. I wish I could tell them that I couldn't make it because I have to go back to office tomorrow to finish my work. I'm not making this up, but it is true. Even now I am still awake and doing my work from home. But I'll go anyway... sigh. Yeah, you could say that it's suck to take your work back home. But I like what I'm doing now. So shut up and go do the things you like.

Ok, it's time to stop or else I'll start talking nonsense.

*if you're reading this via my notes in Facebook. You are always welcomed to visit my blog.

Until next post,

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Blogger now have pages feature!

After a long wait, it is finally here. Yes, now you can add standalone page in you blogger blog! I don't know if this is old news, but I definitely excited about it! LOL!

As you can see above there, I have my navigation menu. Oh yeah, I added 'About Me' page. That is just for testing purpose. Ok.. ok.. Now there's a lot things to do apart from my header. Up and away~


Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi guys,


Since it is a friendship day, then I would like to write something about friendship. I wrote something here in my blog last year. And that was about the type of friends that exists in this world. So today, I'm gonna write my view about friendship.

As most of people know, I am a guy who really take friendship seriously. I have many friends. But friends that I can really call best friends... That I can count with my fingers. I believe you too, right? There are friends that we thought he/she is our friends, but actually they are not. Why? Figure out yourself. Some people mixed with other people easily that everybody considered the person as their best friend. But the fact is, they are just your drinking/aramaiti companion. Or, you called them just to lend them money. Or they are the type of person that only will come to you when you are having fun times - Party, clubbing, etc... So, where is the value of friendship? Oh! Don't make me start to talk about those who want to be your friends just because you can be their "Driver". That, I tell you really make me sick! When they have new friend that can drive them anywhere, then they will forget about you! And that person call you friend!?

Friends that will be with you when you are in hard times are really hard to find. Don't say 10, just name 1 person that would do that. It is hard. I experienced that before. I just don't feel like to mentioned the names (yes, names, prulal!) here. And I don't like to recall all those bad memories. But I still in contact with them, still drinking together. But the expectation in our friendship is not like how it used to be anymore.

I found this somewhere in the web. It is an online dictionary:
Friends definition:
1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.

I guess, that's explained a part of what I wanted to explain. Well, that's all for now. No hard feelings - Just be who you are. No need to pretend or try to look great to everybody. Just be a real friend!~