Sunday, August 1, 2010


Hi guys,


Since it is a friendship day, then I would like to write something about friendship. I wrote something here in my blog last year. And that was about the type of friends that exists in this world. So today, I'm gonna write my view about friendship.

As most of people know, I am a guy who really take friendship seriously. I have many friends. But friends that I can really call best friends... That I can count with my fingers. I believe you too, right? There are friends that we thought he/she is our friends, but actually they are not. Why? Figure out yourself. Some people mixed with other people easily that everybody considered the person as their best friend. But the fact is, they are just your drinking/aramaiti companion. Or, you called them just to lend them money. Or they are the type of person that only will come to you when you are having fun times - Party, clubbing, etc... So, where is the value of friendship? Oh! Don't make me start to talk about those who want to be your friends just because you can be their "Driver". That, I tell you really make me sick! When they have new friend that can drive them anywhere, then they will forget about you! And that person call you friend!?

Friends that will be with you when you are in hard times are really hard to find. Don't say 10, just name 1 person that would do that. It is hard. I experienced that before. I just don't feel like to mentioned the names (yes, names, prulal!) here. And I don't like to recall all those bad memories. But I still in contact with them, still drinking together. But the expectation in our friendship is not like how it used to be anymore.

I found this somewhere in the web. It is an online dictionary:
Friends definition:
1. A person whom one knows, likes, and trusts.
2. A person whom one knows; an acquaintance.
3. A person with whom one is allied in a struggle or cause; a comrade.

I guess, that's explained a part of what I wanted to explain. Well, that's all for now. No hard feelings - Just be who you are. No need to pretend or try to look great to everybody. Just be a real friend!~




  1. Good Morning sweeetie :D thanks for dropping by at my blog. Well, i agree with you on ur defination of friendship.Oh before i forgot, "Happy Friendship Day" incase non of ur so called "Plural friends" forgotten about their "designated driver" hehe... HUGSSSS

    Don't worry about it, in life we'll come acrossed with tons of these beings, i for one came across with a little similar situation last nite, where i called one of my friend out of concerned abt her well being and concerned for her "post- being as the one got ditched" but did't realise it was actually over with her bf. Where i was trapped in the middle for being a friend.

    But after a talk / chat with another friend, i find that it's not really as painful as others said it would be when i finally realise that others and me are human being after all, and we tend to make mistakes or take people for granted, sometimes eventho we don't realise it. But small things like that need to happen in order for us to evaluate our surroundings or even to reflect on where we are in life at the moment.

    Those days, i use to cursed and swears whenever i bumped into these kind of friends but now..i simply say to least i've done my very best and i have no regrets, if others decides to find other friends, because maybe they're not the one that'll grow old with me. So i save me my own heartache and move on :)

    I kept both sides of friends, the good and the bad ones...for me...the bad ones help us to enjoy things in life even those so called illegals know just for the kick of it...but the really good ones will tell us, hey it's time to stop or don't over do it or else u'll be in big trouble. So there u are, pros and cons of friendship sweetie. Don't worry so much, it doesnt mean our good friends have to be with us all the time, it's just how we ourselves look at things mostly and we are the one who's responsible for our own happiness and at the same time do the best we can for others..other than that, if they stick then GOOD for us...if they don't then it's good riddance :) You have a beautiful day there sweetie..dropby whenever u have free time ok? HUGSSSSSS

  2. Hi Irene,

    Thanks for dropping by. Actually this blog still under some minor 'renovation'. lol! That's why the chatbox was not there earlier.

    I really want to thank you for leaving your comment. Really appreciate it!~ I do have the same view of friends as you are. As I grow older into adulthood, my view about friends has changed. The way I see people has changed as well. So I don't really give a damn about what they do behind me. As long as I don't have problem with them, then it is fine. Hehehe..

    Well, I wish everything fine with your friend. I will always be ok. Because so far, I don't think I have problem with other people. If they are any, I think I'm done with it and move on.. That's the way life should be, rite?

    I always drop to your blog, don't worry. See ya!~

  3. The truth is, I have a lot of friend but I do not have many friends.

    Belated Happy Friendship Day to you too! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Looking forward to see your new header. :)

  4. Hi Cindy!~ Thank you for dropping by too!~ Hehe.. And yeah, happy Friendship Day~

    Yes, that's what I've been trying to say. Everybody are the same - We have many friends, but we don't have many "friends".

    My header is on it's way. Maybe it will be completed tonight, latest by end of this week. Hahaha.. It took me that long to design a new header.

    Well, hope to see you again soon!~