Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pipe-Smoking Anyone?

I have been crazy about smoking pipe for 5 months now. I wanted to buy it but my financial was not in a good shape previous months. But now, I can afford to buy one. Yeay!

Some people and even my friends laugh at me. They said that I will look like an old man smoking those pipe. Hell no! I don't care. But if we recall back those years when all cigarettes are still not made. Every smokers were using pipe! And that's including young man, my friend!

I'm not sure what made me into pipe smoking. But I really like it. I'm still learning to choose the right pipe, though. Well, you don't just go and choose those crappy pipes right? I'm learning from the expert - none other than Mr. Google! lol!

Well, that's bout it. I'll post some photos with me smoking with my new pipe somewhere around this week.

Until then,


  1. Wuah!! I'm waiting for your pictures!!

  2. Hohoh.. No worries.. I'll update it once I got it!~ Hehe..

  3. Hello Friend~
    Interesting! Pipe smoking, but it is very old method for smoking.Now a day very popular for smoker choose cigar. it is very comfortable for those people who want to smoking any time and anywhere.