Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Pipe is Here!

It is finally here! Yes, finally I got my pipe. Today it would be less typing.. More on photos. Well, before you go through the photos, I'm sorry for the quality of the photos.. It was taken on my crappy phone. Anyway, enjoy~

Here's about pipe smoking. Before you guys go and buy it, please be prepared for your budget. Coz the first time really cost you more than what you imagined. At least for me.. Hahaha.. I was so excited to buy this pipe that I thought "Ok, it will not be that expensive". First thing first, decide your budget and do a survey on the pipe. You will understand when you see the photos. I thought I only need the pipe and tobacco, but I was wrong. Ok let's start......

This is the box for the pipe. Cost: RM119.00.

Inside the box is... the pipe, ofcourse! lol!

If you thought that was it, see below. There's a filter inside.

The filter. 4o pieces. It is better to get more so that you don't have to go and buy a 10pcs pack everytime. I didn't know that I need this at first. LOL! Cost: RM29.90

Pipe Tobacco. What's a pipe without the tobacco eh? Cost: RM20.00

The pipe cleaner. This is not a must but it will make your life easier when come to cleaning your pipe. You don't want to use your finger to clean the pipe.

This is your pipe companion. Seriously, this one really never came to my mind. It is the tobacco stomper. Used to press your tobacco into the pipe. The other two used to dig your tobacco and clean up those used tobacco inside your pipe. Coz after your smoke, the tobacco will stick inside the pipe hole. So that's when these come in handy. Cost: RM9.00

And finally, this is my own photo smoking with the pipe!

One thing about pipe smoking is that you have to light up the tobacco many times. Oh yes, you need a lighter as well. Your normal lighter wont help much in lighting the pipe. Get a beam lighter - those that light like a lazers. And if you couldn't afford it, get the matches. Because lighting up the pipe is not same like lighting up your normal cigarette.

Once you get your hand with your own pipe, you really can't get your hand off from it! HEhehe.. It is so nice.. It has been 2 days since I started using the pipe and I haven't buy any cigarettes since then. So, I already save RM18.60 and my pipe tobacco still can go until the end of next week. RM20.00 for 1 week is really not bad, rite? And the filter can last for whole day, depending on usage, of course. I just change mine once since the first use.

Well, there you go, I hope this will give you some tips to buy your own pipe.

Until next time,

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