Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Think before you talk or act!

Dear all,

We have been hearing a lot of the title. But yet most of us still not following it.

Do we act before we think? Or do we talk before we think? Or do we think before we act! I'm not good in statistic therefore not able to provide the percentage of people that actually think before talking or acting. Most of the people on earth let their talks or actions do the thinking. Are you not getting it? Think about it yourself.

Well, it is natural isn't it? I give you an example. In a situation when a fighting is about to take place. For most of the guys, they will let their so-called "fist" do the talking without thinking. That is not my main point. The point is, we always FAIL to think before we decide! Have you ever encounter a time when you regret of your decision?

"If I wasn't there, this will not happened..."
"If I have a chance to go back to 5 years back, I will change my decision back then and decide to..."

You name it. You should know better. Regrets is part of our life. But regret doesn't change what you are tomorrow. Learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again! You are born with a brain. God has given you the brain so that you can think! So, you know what I mean - THINK BEFORE YOU ACT OR TALK. Why? It is really simple. Your action and your talk define the outcome.

I hope this post is simple enough for your understanding. Please spend some times to read it and think properly of the meaning. It's pretty straight forward isn't it?

That is all about it - Think.......

Please give some comments.

Jason Aaron Anthonius

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Decide your future yourself... It's time to change!

Hi and Thank You For Visiting My Blog.

It's been quite long time.... Actually a lot has happened in my life this few months. You may say I don't have time coz too busy with work, or just don't have the interest in updating my blog. Well, to be honest, both are correct. I'm just a part time blogger. Sometimes, something just came to my mind that I feel like to share with everybody. And that's the main reason I am writing now.

Do you ever encounter financial problem? Some might not; but most of us have encounter it. Even, most of my posts are about financial - how to create more and more money. One fact that we all didn't realize is "MONEY WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!". Correct me if I'm wrong but I have done some so-called "analysis" about this and everybody that I asked answer me the same; that money is never enough. Think about this, you work hard and get paid which is good. But after sometimes, you will feel that your are getting not enough payment. But how come you are satisfied at the first 2 - 3 months? At a certain time, you will talk among your colleague saying that the company are not taking good care enough of the employer, the company is taking advantage of you, your pay is not worth, the workload is too high that you can't take it anymore and blah... blah... blah... And it will be started - ask for higher salary. If not, you wont put all your effort on your work or you wont work at all. If your request is not fulfilled, you will talk bad about your company, saying that you boss is SUCKS and it's not worth to work there.

That is human nature or should I say Malaysian's nature? Let me ask this question, is the company wrong, or is it you who have the problem here? To be honest, most of us are LAZY! There are no such things such as coming at work, sitting down, wasting your time on Friendster or Facebook, chit-chatting with you mate and get money! Even a gigolo has to go the customer house to do the service! If you are angry when reading this, then get lost! I supposed that is another Malaysian nature - cannot hear the truth! But if you agree with me, you have the choice to keep on reading....

Human is not perfect, you say. I agree with that. We are not angels or God. Nobody is perfect. But it is not a reason for us not to change! Most of us are still siting in our "comfort zone". We don't want to change because we are comfortable with what we have now. The most popular reason is "it is not easy to change". Exactly! But come to think of it, it is same with what all of us have gone through. My example here is a baby. Do we able to speak as soon as we were born to this earth? It takes time isn't it? We can't talk or walk as a newly born baby. Our parents will teach us how to talk, they will also teach us how to walk. The first step is always the hardest part. When we took the very first step, we fall. But our parents were there to support us. They will carry us and help us to walk the remaining steps until we are able to walk our own!

You see, my point here is you can change. It is up to your will to change! Remember, the very first step is always the hardest part. You wont change unless you are willing to face the biggest challenge - Yourself! You wont be able to change without a support, that's when the "parents" role come. If you follow the guide of someone you believe on, I bet you will change somehow to a more useful person. If you think carefully, the factor that we unable to change is ourselves. Keep on giving reason and you wont change! Even after 10 years, if you don't take the chance now, you will still be the same. If we talking about working for other people, after 10 years you will still in the same situation. Your salary will definitely be higher, but it will still be the same. Prices for all things keep on rising man... Remember I said earlier? MONEY WILL NEVER BE ENOUGH!

God hold our future, but we choose the path. God wont set your future to be a failure nor will He set you will die commit suicide. NO! It is all about us. If we chose the wrong path, then that's it. You will see the result of your own choice. We set our future ourself, not others! Never ever let other people decide how you should live your life.

That's all for now. Hope to hear your comments...