Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Think before you talk or act!

Dear all,

We have been hearing a lot of the title. But yet most of us still not following it.

Do we act before we think? Or do we talk before we think? Or do we think before we act! I'm not good in statistic therefore not able to provide the percentage of people that actually think before talking or acting. Most of the people on earth let their talks or actions do the thinking. Are you not getting it? Think about it yourself.

Well, it is natural isn't it? I give you an example. In a situation when a fighting is about to take place. For most of the guys, they will let their so-called "fist" do the talking without thinking. That is not my main point. The point is, we always FAIL to think before we decide! Have you ever encounter a time when you regret of your decision?

"If I wasn't there, this will not happened..."
"If I have a chance to go back to 5 years back, I will change my decision back then and decide to..."

You name it. You should know better. Regrets is part of our life. But regret doesn't change what you are tomorrow. Learn from it and never repeat the same mistake again! You are born with a brain. God has given you the brain so that you can think! So, you know what I mean - THINK BEFORE YOU ACT OR TALK. Why? It is really simple. Your action and your talk define the outcome.

I hope this post is simple enough for your understanding. Please spend some times to read it and think properly of the meaning. It's pretty straight forward isn't it?

That is all about it - Think.......

Please give some comments.

Jason Aaron Anthonius


  1. As simple as can be ..... there is actually a point or two to keep in mind....

    Very good points..

    but there are things that happened and that we wished we could go back and change how things were.... Maybe we wonder how life or things would be , if we did things differently in the past ..

    But what every colors you painted on the blank canvas.... Its with your brush .. and the colors that shows on it after all this time painting ...... is the color of life....

    we can always paint it white again ... Over the paint i suppose... but.... life always has its way to show the dents here and there..... telling everyone... that history had happen on that canvas... and it will always show...

    what i am saying is... totally agree that we should always use our brain .... at times we tend to not realize it..... but its okay to make mistake... JUST learn from it... But tobe a better man is to stand there and being able to say to yurself... I Have Been There...And there is No Regrets...

  2. A very good comment Pet. Well I supposed those are based on your life experiences, right?

    That's what I'm talking about. We LEARN from our mistake and not repeating it. By doing that, it somehow feel like we have done something to correct our mistakes. It just like the painting on the canvas you said...

    Thanks for dropping by and leaving the comment!~

  3. Think Before You Act - similar like Wash your hand before you eat - as simple as that..

    Even we been thought of Wash Your Hand Before You Eat, we still keep forgetting especially nice food in front of us.. we tend to forget small thing like "Wash Your Hand".. U see.. life is complicated and human bound to make mistake..

    Nobody's perfect in this world and everybody deserves a second chance even he/she might doing the same mistakes over and over again.. and back to human being again.. human is nobody.. he/she cant control his/her own thought perfectly..

    Therefore, whatever happen between "Think Before You Act" or "Think After You Act" have different effect.. Regret Or Not Regret.. But we must keep learning.. Dont let our negative side control our act before we think the right way..

    *lebih lebih pula.. sya pula yg bingung ni comment sya.. Thanks for tagging me in your blog.. unfortunately, i have move to http://girllyen.blogspot.com now..

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