Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A New Header

At last I got time to make my header look more attractive. Hehehe..

Well everybody needs some changes right? I actually edited few parts of my blog. Removing unnecessary things like the Google advertisement and other stuff. The result is... I like the look of my blog now. It is more tiny than before. And look! I even added my blogger friends list. Hohoho.. (I just figured out how to do it today.... ;p)

That's it for now.. Hopefully, I will post something interesting soon.


  1. hihihi.. Jason.. long time no update huh..

  2. Hehe.. Yeah. It's been quite long time. Ndak juga talampau lama la.. Hehe. I'm thinking to be active again... I'll leave my comment on your latest post k? About the uncool things.. But now got to go. See ya Girl..