Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aramai Tii - Banned?

Hi there. This post is a response after get the comment from one of my blogger friend - Pet about my last post.

I didn't know the words get banned. It is banned? Or Not? I'm not aware of this.. Hahaha..

Please do tell me if it really get banned.. Thanks.


  1. Never heard about it.. what will they do if we shout it out loud? The world is crazy man.. just like the word God by the press.. remember what they say about it? Now every word is sensitive.. but they ask us to speak out which i think this world is so Sarcastic!

  2. Hi Girl. Thanks for the comment. Ya ya.. Agree with you about the word God. We have been use it for a looong time but they only complain now? Funny...

  3. I remember when I was back in KL .... everyone asked me whats the meaning of that word. and I told them it means something festive and indicates celebration.. but ada juga bah urg budu budu p kasi explain lain lain sama this people that dont even understand a thing about our culture. and then mula la durang mem banned! si othoe ari tu ndak kana suruh on air abis dia cakap tu perkataan ..... so i think its actually not allowed to use in commercial use anymore... because of people's ignorance and stupidity .

  4. Owh.. ic ic.. So it was banned for commercial use la.. Means kita masih buli guna lagi.. Thanks for the info.. Huhuhu..