Monday, April 27, 2009

Yahoo! PingBox


You must have noticed my "not-so-new" pingbox added to my side bar.

Q: What is PingBox?

A: PingBox is a widget from Yahoo! Messenger for blogs and websites. You can add one, too, as long as you have Yahoo! Messenger or Yahoo! ID. It acts like normal messenger. The only different is the visitors don't have to have a Yahoo! ID to chat with the blog/website's owner. The visitors just need to enter their name and chat with the blog owner.

Q: Why use PingBox when I already have CBox/ShoutMix chat box?

A: I know, some of you really wants your blog/sites to look tidy. You can have Cbox/ShoutMix without PingBox or vice versa. But think about this, do you log into your blog/site everytime? CBox/ShoutMix require us, the blog owner to login to check if there is a message from visitors. On the other hand, you can get message from your visitor even if you are not logged into your blog/site. For me, I prefer to have both PingBox and CBox because I don't logged into my YM so often. So it is good to have CBox so that my visitor can leave me a message and I can read it when I login to my blog next time. The only disadvantage of PingBox is you only can chat with the blog/site owner when he/she logged in to YM.

Q: How PingBox works?

A: As I stated above, a visitor comes in, enter their desired nickname and chat with the blog/site owner. Note that blog/site owner need to login to their YM to chat with the visitor. More details in screenshots below.

When I'm not sign into my YM

When I signed in my YM

A visitor enter his/her nickname. In this example I use "Visitor" as nickname.

Chatting in process.

Hope that you got the clear picture now. Hehe.. Trust me it is fun to use. I hope you guys also install it because I can buzz you from your blog. After you guys installed it, let me know.

But be a resposible person. Don't repeat what happened in one of my friend's blog. I don't have to mentioned it here. Like you, we hate spammer!

That's all guys.

Jason Aaron

RE: Posting from my Windows 7 - Blogger Buddy Gadget

Hello there...

It's been 10 days since my last post. I said that I would try my Windows 7 for about 7 days but somehow I tried it for 8 days. Hehehe...

It was so fun to use but there are some cons from my opinion. Let's get started!

I said that my PC wasn't lag. Yes it wasn't. In fact I was having fun using Windows 7 especially with the blogger buddy gadget. But... Yeah there is a "BUT". My PC wasn't lag when I run only one program. For example, when I run only my Firefox, it was really smooth that I can say smoother than when I run on XP. I'm a guy who like to run multiple programs at once like my online game (Last Chaos), Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk and other stuff. Whenever I did that, my PC starting to craaawwwwllll..... Hahaha... But the problem is not come from Windows 7 but my PC performance. Yeah you heard it right. My PC is lack of memory (RAM). Let me tell you guys a fact about Windows 7. Once my PC booted up, you can see from the CPU and Memory meter that my RAM has been utilized to 46%. Damn! I wish I can buy RAM (2X2GB) and install it again. Hehehe.. And when I start to do my things, the memory usage goes up to 90%... O.O

That is my main reason to stop using Windows 7. About CPU usage, nah.. it almost similar when I'm using XP.

So my advice is, before you get Windows 7 installed on you system, please check you PC specification first. Especially you processor and memory. Another thing is your graphic cards. Please make sure you have the updated version of driver. My Online Game (Last Chaos) didn't run after my first installation because it asked for a graphic driver to be installed. The reason is, Windows 7 doesn't install the driver automatically like XP does.

So, the moral of the story: GET MORE OR UPGRADE RAM (Random Access Memory)! LOL.

Until next time guys... Adios!

Jason Aaron

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Posting from my Windows 7 - Blogger Buddy Gadget

Hi Guys, If you managed to see this post, means I have successfully post this from my own desktop. You heard it right, without opening my browser.

I am currently using newly installed Windows 7. I can tell you it is much better than Vista. "Ndak lag ka PC ko?", you might ask. Well, No it isn't. So far, I'm really happy with Windows 7. There are so many improvement especially in GUI. Hohoho.. It is so cool especially the gadgets.

The Desktop... The gadgets are on the right hand side as I mentioned.

Posting from my desktop...

As for me, I would recomment you guys to use it. It is not to confusing because the functions are almost similar to previous version of Windows like XP. For Windows Vista users, I can say that it is almost the same. Except Windows 7 is lighter than Vista.

My PC is not as "Current" as you thought. My PC was bought in 2003 with the cost of RM3000++. That time, this PC is the fastest PC in town. Hahaha. But now, it not anymore man. I'm still using Pentium 4 while today, most of you out there are using PC with Pentium Dual Core or even Quad Core processors. And my PC is equipped with only 1GB of RAM. So if I can run Windows 7 without problem, so can you. But I'm going to buy more RAM anyway. Because I have planned it for a long time now.

That's it. Please give some comments.

Oh ya! You can get the Product Key online for the activation and it is Free! If you are too lazy for it, leave your message at my chatbox, on my PingBox (YM), or any way you comfortable with and I will give you the Product Key.

Jason Aaron

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something wrong with blogger???

Hello again.

I don't know if blogger is having problem or bugs. But I encounter a funny problem and I talked about this with Dogoe in YM just moments ago. And we both laugh...

Well I tried to add a blog of my friend -Leofantasia link in my blog but somehow something weird just happened. See below.

I tried to add the link:

After I click add, this thing happened. Note that the title of the blog is "Music Unlimited".

And when I click on the link added. It redirect me to another blog:

The real Leofantasia blog:

Leo, sorry for not able to add your blog link. It's not my fault. Jan ko marah... hahaha. I added all of my blogger friends link (see below) but his. I think blogger have something to do with this... Hehehe..

I'll try to add it again tomorrow... Hehehe.. Until next post!

Jason Aaron


Hello there...

Sorry bout the title, I just don't know what to put on the title. This is just a matter of updating my blog.

Well, the first thing is about Earth Hour. I know, I know... it is already too late to talk about that. But give me a chance, ok?

Earth Hour - You would laugh if you listen to my story. I was awake till it was so late the night before. In fact I was awake until it was 5.00am. The next day (Earth Hour Day), I woke up early at about 9.00am. It is early for me.. Hahaha... I know some of you say it is already late. But hey, I slept about 4 hours only. So the whole day (Saturday) Jeena & I go somewhere (forgot where was it) and came back at 6.00pm. We were tired so we thought of having a nap. I set my alarm to trigger at 8.15pm. And we woke up at 10.00pm!!!! Hahaha... I really want to support the Earth Hour. But I supported the Earth Hour man... Everybody turned off the lights for 1 hour. But I turned off my "lights" for 4 hours man.... What a great support.

Holy Week (Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Vigil and Easter Sunday)
After few years, this year I managed to complete my Holy Week. I went to all the Masses stated above except for Easter Sunday because I went to Easter Vigil. We celebrated the masses in several churches (actually only 2 churches). See below:

Palm Sunday: St. Francis of Assissi Church, Cheras
Holy Thursday: Assumption Church, P.J
Good Friday: Assumption Church, P.J
Easter Vigil: St. Francis of Assissi Church, Cheras

I was really happy that I attended to the masses. On the Holy Thursday and Good Friday, for the first time in my life, I didn't pray for myselft. Those were the days that Jesus suffered. So I just pray for Jesus Himself and be thankful that because of His suffering that we still alive today to pray to Him, to Whorship Him and to be loved by Him. Be thankful for everything you faced in your life...

On Easter Vigil (Holy Saturday), We went to St. Francis of Assissi Church, Cheras to support a newly baptised friend. His name is Gee. Glad to see that so many friends come to support him to become our new brother in Christ. Most of the friends is my blogger friend - Jeena(my fiance), Ika, Kay, Gurangak, Danjoe, Leo, Tata, Regina, Joe, John(Gee's God Father) and few more... Sorry for not adding your name here. I forgot who else came. I need to see the photo taken so that I can put everybody in. Hahaha...

And those was the events happened recently. I really thankful that I met those friends as stated above (some are new friends). All of them are really cool.... and entertaining too. Haha..

So that's all for now. See you at next post!

Jason Aaron