Saturday, April 18, 2009

Posting from my Windows 7 - Blogger Buddy Gadget

Hi Guys, If you managed to see this post, means I have successfully post this from my own desktop. You heard it right, without opening my browser.

I am currently using newly installed Windows 7. I can tell you it is much better than Vista. "Ndak lag ka PC ko?", you might ask. Well, No it isn't. So far, I'm really happy with Windows 7. There are so many improvement especially in GUI. Hohoho.. It is so cool especially the gadgets.

The Desktop... The gadgets are on the right hand side as I mentioned.

Posting from my desktop...

As for me, I would recomment you guys to use it. It is not to confusing because the functions are almost similar to previous version of Windows like XP. For Windows Vista users, I can say that it is almost the same. Except Windows 7 is lighter than Vista.

My PC is not as "Current" as you thought. My PC was bought in 2003 with the cost of RM3000++. That time, this PC is the fastest PC in town. Hahaha. But now, it not anymore man. I'm still using Pentium 4 while today, most of you out there are using PC with Pentium Dual Core or even Quad Core processors. And my PC is equipped with only 1GB of RAM. So if I can run Windows 7 without problem, so can you. But I'm going to buy more RAM anyway. Because I have planned it for a long time now.

That's it. Please give some comments.

Oh ya! You can get the Product Key online for the activation and it is Free! If you are too lazy for it, leave your message at my chatbox, on my PingBox (YM), or any way you comfortable with and I will give you the Product Key.

Jason Aaron


  1. cool..wat if i install it in my not-so-buruk laptop?Intel core duo processor?

    Berapa banyak space perlu for installation windows saja?

  2. Helo aQram.. Haha.. Buli2 teda hal tu. My processor is only Pentium 4. So Intel Core duo should be fine. Installation requires at least 7GB. Huhu.. Quite big size..

  3. Will get your advice should I want to change from XP... :P