Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Something wrong with blogger???

Hello again.

I don't know if blogger is having problem or bugs. But I encounter a funny problem and I talked about this with Dogoe in YM just moments ago. And we both laugh...

Well I tried to add a blog of my friend -Leofantasia link in my blog but somehow something weird just happened. See below.

I tried to add the link:

After I click add, this thing happened. Note that the title of the blog is "Music Unlimited".

And when I click on the link added. It redirect me to another blog:

The real Leofantasia blog:

Leo, sorry for not able to add your blog link. It's not my fault. Jan ko marah... hahaha. I added all of my blogger friends link (see below) but his. I think blogger have something to do with this... Hehehe..

I'll try to add it again tomorrow... Hehehe.. Until next post!

Jason Aaron


  1. Bro...actually there's something wrong with my RSS Feed setting bah tu....

    There's nothing wrong with sya tukar setting sya sket nie..hehehehhee...

  2. i've check my rss setting...nothing wrong with it...

    something wrong with my the blogID section...

    tgh coding balik nie..