Monday, April 27, 2009

RE: Posting from my Windows 7 - Blogger Buddy Gadget

Hello there...

It's been 10 days since my last post. I said that I would try my Windows 7 for about 7 days but somehow I tried it for 8 days. Hehehe...

It was so fun to use but there are some cons from my opinion. Let's get started!

I said that my PC wasn't lag. Yes it wasn't. In fact I was having fun using Windows 7 especially with the blogger buddy gadget. But... Yeah there is a "BUT". My PC wasn't lag when I run only one program. For example, when I run only my Firefox, it was really smooth that I can say smoother than when I run on XP. I'm a guy who like to run multiple programs at once like my online game (Last Chaos), Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, Gtalk and other stuff. Whenever I did that, my PC starting to craaawwwwllll..... Hahaha... But the problem is not come from Windows 7 but my PC performance. Yeah you heard it right. My PC is lack of memory (RAM). Let me tell you guys a fact about Windows 7. Once my PC booted up, you can see from the CPU and Memory meter that my RAM has been utilized to 46%. Damn! I wish I can buy RAM (2X2GB) and install it again. Hehehe.. And when I start to do my things, the memory usage goes up to 90%... O.O

That is my main reason to stop using Windows 7. About CPU usage, nah.. it almost similar when I'm using XP.

So my advice is, before you get Windows 7 installed on you system, please check you PC specification first. Especially you processor and memory. Another thing is your graphic cards. Please make sure you have the updated version of driver. My Online Game (Last Chaos) didn't run after my first installation because it asked for a graphic driver to be installed. The reason is, Windows 7 doesn't install the driver automatically like XP does.

So, the moral of the story: GET MORE OR UPGRADE RAM (Random Access Memory)! LOL.

Until next time guys... Adios!

Jason Aaron

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