Sunday, June 28, 2009

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Here's the badge one more time..

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Sincerity is a beautiful thing, unless...

How many times in our life we saved or helped other people? And actually how many thousand times we said that we were sincere when we did that? Honestly speaking, I don't even know myself...

This came up in my mind just a while ago and decided to make it a topic for this post. As usual I end up writing another topic than I was planning. Before I write further, this topic might hurt some people. If you don't like to be hurt, I sincerely ask you to leave this topic and wait for my next entertaining topic. lol.

Sincerity is a good thing. No doubt about it. But let me ask you one thing - Do you really think that you are sincerely helping others if after that you go and talk to all you friends (or the whole world if possible) that you have done a good thing to others? Somebody ask you for help simply because they need your help. It doesn't mean that that 'somebody' want that thing to be known to public, etc his other friends.

From my point of view, this kind of situation is really a personal and confidential to the one asking for help. Do you like it when one of your friend tell other friends that you borrowed money from him?

Scenario 1: Financial problem.
You know that A is able to give you some money and you decided to ask him for help. Let say A gave you the money. But next thing you know A is spreading the news to all you friends network talking about this and trying to prove that he is doing a good thing. HOW DO YOU FEEL? DO YOU THINK 'A' HELPED YOU SINCERELY?

Scenario 2: You need to go to hospital urgently.
You don't have transportation and called B to send you. He is willing to help but only after you persuade him. On the way to hospital.... "If not because of this friendship, I will not agree to send you". And that's not all, he call other friend and starting to talk like he is not satisfied with you because you have ruined his planned that night.

There are still a lot of situations where you can see if a guy really sincere in his help or not. As I am writing this down... My heart is really hurt because I know that somebody didn't help me sincerely... If you are reading this... You are free to do what you want but for sure I'll give back what I got from you. There's a saying "What goes around, Comes around". Just want you to know that not everybody doing good in their life.

I only speak my mind and feeling. I never meant to hurt other people's heart. But the truth is, the words of advice are usually irritating. So, if you irritated by this topic, spend sometimes to think. It's not that hard to say 'NO' when you don't feel like helping others.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

R.I.P - Michael Joe Jackson

It was about 3.00pm today I heard the news and I knew it from a video comment (not related to MJ) in Facebook. It was the shocking news for the whole world that the King of Pop - Michael Joe Jackson dead at his age of 50. Some people will be happy with this but majority of people in the earth will be sad.

I don't have any special connection with him but during my childhood, he is a STAR for me. Well, I'm sure not just for me but for the others as well. I remember when there was a time when the TV show a drama about his life and my whole family will watch it. On the next day, after the show ended, and my elder brother was sleeping. Suddenly.... He sat on his bed and start to act like MJ, while sleeping. lol. And that's really funny. It happened around 15 years ago, I think.

I saw a comment of my friend in Facebook saying that MJ will go to hell after his death. For me, I'm not sure for that, and I don't even care about it. What he did in his personal life was his business and I only care about his music!

He might be not in this world anymore but one thing for sure, HIS MUSIC WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE!

R.I.P - Michael Jackson



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going Out - Do you need a purpose?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. But every time I wanted to write about this there's this thing keep on coming through my mind asking me to write something else. There are bunch of ideas and thought in my head about what to write next in my blog. But they will be gone by the time I starting to write here.

So I found a new way of remembering it. Thanks to my fiance's sister for this. I saw her always with her book writing something. Sometimes more then twice a day. So I asked her what she's writing about. And she told me she's planning to have a blog and starting to write down whatever she have in her mind. It is a preparation for her new blog actually. So, that very moment, I grab my notebook and write down what topic to write next. I didn't write in details, I just note down the title of my post and the rest will be done automatically once I lay my finger on my keyboard.

Back to the topic.
Let me ask you this again. Do you need a purpose to go out?
My answer is always yes. I don't know about you guys but I always think about the purpose of me going out. There are some people, one of them is my fiance, don't really need a reason/purpose to go out. They will just like - "Let's go to somewhere". And when I ask where we want to go and the answer will be "anywhere" or they will mention the place name. For instance, Starbuck. And I will ask again, "and what will we be doing there?". The usual answer for that question is, "nothing. just want to get out from this house for a while". I always end up going out with my fiance because she want to go out. But in the end, I usually like it when I go out with her. lol.

It is actually depends on us as individual. You might just want to take a fresh air rather than staying at home doing nothing, or meeting some friends for chit-chatting, drinking beers, go to pubs, or you JUST want to go out! I don't know... Different people have different thinking.

I have a friend who can make a sudden plan. I heard a story about him wake up in the morning and decided to go to Penang just for having breakfast! And he will go to hotel's toilet just because he need to use toilet. Oh yes, he has toilet in his house. He's a little bit adventurous I think.

I think that's all by now. I need to continue my other works and can't spend too much time here in Blogspot.

Until next post,


My development in 9 years

I was checking through my hard drive for some photos and I found my old pic. Rather than scanning them, I took them with my Olympus camera. The result was not really that good but I'm sure a lot of people will laugh when see my pic.

Enjoy and hope this entertaining. LOL!

Year 2000
At Labuan. See that earring? And that mustache - I really don't like it! lol!

Year 2001
With my fiance, but in this pic we still haven't declare any relationship yet. Haha.

Year 2004
At my rented house at Luyang, Sabah.

Year 2002
Water front, Kuching, Sarawak

Year 2003
At our rented terrace house, Kuching Sarawak

Year 2002
Before I left to Kuching, Sarawak. Location: Tuaran, Sabah.

Year 2001
Teenager Action Team (TACT) recollection at Kiulu, Tuaran, Sabah.

Year 2005
Somewhere around Tuaran. Forgot the beach name. I think it is Pulau Gendang.

Year 2003
I missed my long hair!

I will laugh everytime I see these pics... Ahaha.. More photos can be found at my Facebook Album. I hope you all laughing now.. Laugh is a good teraphy you know.. Hehe..



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to My lil' Sis - Audrey Joan Anthonius

This post is for my Lil' Sister - Audrey Joan Anthonius.

I don't remember when the last time I gave her a present. But I don't think I gave her any present before.. Yeah, yeah.. I know I'm not a good brother. Hehe..

But deep inside my heart, I know that I always have a place in my sister's heart. And for sure she has a place in my heart! I don't know if I am a good brother to him but I always care and try to be there whenever she needs me.

You know, when we were still kids, she is my fighting partner. Not fighting as "fighting". What I mean is we always quarrel and I think that is normal for every siblings. As we growing up, we beginning to be closer to each other. We will have our gossip sessions sometimes. Well, can't help it coz she's the only sister of our siblings. Sometimes, she tell her problem to me and I think that's what make us closer. We can talk almost about everything and when we don't want our parents to know what we talking about, we will speak in Mandarin.. Hahaha.. And my dad will ask:"Apa yang kamurang cakap tu??? (What are you guys talking about?)" Hahaha..

So, that's why I write this post for her. I don't have any present for her so I gave her a great birthday song made by my friend, Kay Kastum (I told you he is a good composer, didn't I?). So I'll put the video here so that everybody can enjoy.

So for my sister, here's the song for you....



Thursday, June 18, 2009

P1 WiMAX - the speed is superb but not always!

Hi all,

It is time for me to make my own review on my current Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is P1 WiMAX.

I switched from streamyx to P1 just because I don't like streamyx service and the connection speed was sucks, too! Another reason of this switching was because we were moving to a new house (another block of same condo). Then I went to TM Point at Sunway Damansara Branch and they said the phone ports are full and have to put my application on waiting list. I have worked as Streamyx Help Desk before and based on my experience if your name is on the waiting list, then you have to wait for at least a months or more. It is depends on whether there are people moving out from my area and not using the phone anymore.

So I said, that's it! I agreed to the customer service and pray so that there is a way for me to have internet connection. As I was on the way home, just before my condo entrance, I saw p1 bus parked at the road side and without even thinking, I stopped in front of the bus and called one of the staff to test the signal at my condo. Before I proceed... I forgot to tell you that I have been checking and reviewing P1 WiMAX before this.

And they came with me (there were 2 of them) and tested the signal at my computer room. The result was superb! The signal LED was green and I'm viewing videos on YouTube without even pausing the video. The video streaming was crazy! I have never seen such speed except in my former workplace where I can download a full movie with 800MB in 17 minutes. But P1 speed still not as fast as my former office speed. Yet, it is much faster that streamyx.

So, I immediately decided to subscribe to P1 after seeing that kind of connection speed. We waited for few hours and we got the connection. We were so happy that the connection speed was as expected. It was extremely FAST! For a person who like P2P downloading, this is the kind of speed I was looking for. The download rate on my BitComet went up to 270Kbps and I have no slow browsing issue while I'm downloading. All these things make me happy...

The bad part....

After about a month of using P1, the connection speed started to slowing down a little but that's fine with me as I'm aware that it is not cable connection but using wireless signal. WiMAX came from the word Wireless Microwave Access and the technology is based on microwave signal. So keeping this in mind, I thought it will only be temporary...

The worse part....

The third month, it was ok but I was not as impressed as I used to when I first met this 'Download King'. That's what P1 staff called it. I complained and send them email of a screenshot of my speed test. I subscribed to 2.4Mbps (RM199 per month) but I only getting less than 1Mbps of download speed and the upload speed not even reach 100kbps! And I thought - What the Heck is happening?? I released my ip, renew it, reset my modem but it was still the same.

The worst part...

It is still happening today! Oh my gosh! And it getting even worse than the worse part! I'm using internet not just for entertainment, downloads or leisures. I used internet for my online business most of the time! I have few blogs to maintain, I'm selling on eBay, selling items on an online game and this means that I need a fast connection for both downloading and uploading. I subscribed the 2.4Mbps package because of this and because I'm sharing this internet connection with my other housemate. I don't want to hear anything like 'we are the download king' or whatsoever crap. You claimed yourself 'Download King' and 'Fastest broadband in Malaysia' and we as customer hope that you deliver as what you claimed to us!

Today I don't bother to download while surfing anymore. It just make things worse. And the download/upload rate? Don't make me talk about that.

That is my review... It seems that the connection is ok sometimes, but not always. The thing that happening often is it was slow, just slow... Sometimes I even thought of switching to streamyx back but the contract of my P1 is 2 years. I guess I just have to wait for my contract to end and subscribe to any new, stable and promising ISP next.

Until next post,


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My List of Addictions

Another day has passed and I'm still awake now at 3.00am...

Well it is just my sleeping habit. I wouldn't call it sleeping problem because a lot of people having the same thing happening to them. If you ask me to go to bed and sleep before 12am, I don't think I can fulfill your request as I'm used to sleep around 3.00am to 7.00am. Another reason is I feel like this is the best time for me to do all my work online - marketing, checking emails, check my eBay account, updating my Facebook (now I have 2 accounts to maintain) and other stuff.

I can't stop this as I am addicted to Internet and Computers. Since the first time I lay my hand on computer, I feel the connection and I really like it. I still remember that time, I think it was on 1998, the era of mIRC. I was addicted to mIRC and spent almost everyday at cyber cafe as that time not everybody can afford to buy a PC. And that was my starting point and it has become my addiction up until today.

Symptoms of Addiction of Internet and Computers (AIAC).
1. You can't get your hand off your keyboard even it is 7.00am and you already feel sleepy.
2. You still sitting in front of your PC/laptop even your job online in finished and in fact you have nothing to do anymore.
3. You pick up your phone and call anybody just to wake them up to accompany you in YM/MSN/Google Talk or any other Instant Messaging.
4. Changing your Facebook/MySpace/Friendster/Hi5 profile pictures more than 3 times a day.
5. Taking almost all the quizes available in Facebook and publish them on your profile and hoping that your friend will see it.
6. "Jangan dulu ko tidur baa... masih awal lagi ni. Kita chatting la sampai pagi..."
7. Updating your Facebook status and keep on refreshing your profile page every 2 minutes just to check if your friend commented on your status or not.
8. You spend at least 2 hours on YouTube. That's because you keep on clicking on related videos and you end up leaving your real purpose on YouTube behind.
9. And you name it.... The list still can be built.

Anyway, I only have 2 symptoms of the above list. lol.

Apart from AIAC, I also addicted to other things. See below:
1. Guitar
2. Nescafe/Coffee
3. Tobacco/Cigarettes
4. Tuaran Mee
5. Ikan Basung
6. Kicap soya cap Ayam (only available in Sabah)
7. Chili (cili padi dari Tuaran, KL punya cili ndak sedap)
8. MONEY (I want to get addicted to money so that I will only chase money everyday! Money is not everything but everything now needs money!)

I can live without Guitar (as long as there is music), Tuaran Mee and Ikan Basung (as long as I don't keep them in my mind) but not the others -Nescafe, Cigarettes, MONEY, Kicap soya cap ayam and especially Chili. I just addicted to them.

This last addiction is the one that I really can't live without. That is my Baby, my fiance or any names that I would call her. I'm telling you I don't know how to continue to survive if she is not around. To be specific, my ultimate addiction is LOVE for my Baby.

Well, that's it for now. So tell me your addictions too guys.. this should be an interesting topic to disscuss. Therefore, don't forget to comment and share your addictions, too.

I'm going to end this post now but I wont go to bed yet... I just don't feel sleepy.......

Until next post~



Sunday, June 14, 2009

Just another post

Hi Guys,

I don't know what to write today but I just feel like I want to write something. You know I have been keeping this feeling for many days now and I thought I just need to write to get rid of this feeling.

I have been quite busy with Galang Galang project lately and I can say it is really challenging for me and the other team mates. Now I have take care 2 blogs. I don't want this blog to be left unattended while I busy with Galang Galang. I still need to update this blog and that blog too. Luckily I taught My Fiance (Jeena), who also happened to be one of team member, to update the blog and that make my work easier. But hey, I don't want to let her to do the updating alone. I am the IT/Marketing guy afterall. The other two members (Victor and Anjelica) have do their parts as well, by promoting Galang Galang in their Facebook Account.

Some of you might think that setting up an online business is easy. But let me tell you this - It is not easy as you think. To set up the business blog/website is easy. The hard parts are planning and organizing, having all members to have the same idea of business, setting our goal and last but not least, how to make people buy your product. All I can say is, the whole process are same with you setting up a physical business.

That's about Galang Galang project.

Now I want to talk about the Haze. If you notice, the haze was getting worse for past few days. I don't like it (well, who does?) as it make me sick and it is still affecting me today. My nose and throat feel itchy that sometimes I sneez more than 10 times! But I am relief to see that the haze is almost gone. Thanks to the rain earlier this afternoon and now the haze is almost gone.

I always wanted my own customized signature and I finally have it. I was just lazy to do it but today I just ran my corel draw and start to make it. After that I uploaded it and Whalah! Here it is. From this post onwards, I will use this as my signature.. It looks cool too. Ngeh Ngeh Ngeh...

Alright guys, that's all for now. Until next post!~


Friday, June 5, 2009

Galang Galang

Helo guys,

Just a short post from me today and I will get it straight.

After going through discussions, organizing, planning and branding, our new business blog has been completed and launched! We are currently selling handmade jewelry and pretty confident that this business will bloom. Of course we are hoping for your supports.. HEhehe..

Blog Name: Galang Galang
Blog URL:

For more info, please visit the blog.

*Note that I have changed the look of my blog once again. It is cleaner and easier to read (I received few complaints for my previous themes. lol). There are still some parts need to be edited like the menu list. It is quite a pain to configure everything one shot!

Jason Aaron

Monday, June 1, 2009

My Contact

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Jason Aaron Anthonius
Jason Aaron Anthonius