Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sincerity is a beautiful thing, unless...

How many times in our life we saved or helped other people? And actually how many thousand times we said that we were sincere when we did that? Honestly speaking, I don't even know myself...

This came up in my mind just a while ago and decided to make it a topic for this post. As usual I end up writing another topic than I was planning. Before I write further, this topic might hurt some people. If you don't like to be hurt, I sincerely ask you to leave this topic and wait for my next entertaining topic. lol.

Sincerity is a good thing. No doubt about it. But let me ask you one thing - Do you really think that you are sincerely helping others if after that you go and talk to all you friends (or the whole world if possible) that you have done a good thing to others? Somebody ask you for help simply because they need your help. It doesn't mean that that 'somebody' want that thing to be known to public, etc his other friends.

From my point of view, this kind of situation is really a personal and confidential to the one asking for help. Do you like it when one of your friend tell other friends that you borrowed money from him?

Scenario 1: Financial problem.
You know that A is able to give you some money and you decided to ask him for help. Let say A gave you the money. But next thing you know A is spreading the news to all you friends network talking about this and trying to prove that he is doing a good thing. HOW DO YOU FEEL? DO YOU THINK 'A' HELPED YOU SINCERELY?

Scenario 2: You need to go to hospital urgently.
You don't have transportation and called B to send you. He is willing to help but only after you persuade him. On the way to hospital.... "If not because of this friendship, I will not agree to send you". And that's not all, he call other friend and starting to talk like he is not satisfied with you because you have ruined his planned that night.

There are still a lot of situations where you can see if a guy really sincere in his help or not. As I am writing this down... My heart is really hurt because I know that somebody didn't help me sincerely... If you are reading this... You are free to do what you want but for sure I'll give back what I got from you. There's a saying "What goes around, Comes around". Just want you to know that not everybody doing good in their life.

I only speak my mind and feeling. I never meant to hurt other people's heart. But the truth is, the words of advice are usually irritating. So, if you irritated by this topic, spend sometimes to think. It's not that hard to say 'NO' when you don't feel like helping others.

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