Thursday, June 25, 2009

My development in 9 years

I was checking through my hard drive for some photos and I found my old pic. Rather than scanning them, I took them with my Olympus camera. The result was not really that good but I'm sure a lot of people will laugh when see my pic.

Enjoy and hope this entertaining. LOL!

Year 2000
At Labuan. See that earring? And that mustache - I really don't like it! lol!

Year 2001
With my fiance, but in this pic we still haven't declare any relationship yet. Haha.

Year 2004
At my rented house at Luyang, Sabah.

Year 2002
Water front, Kuching, Sarawak

Year 2003
At our rented terrace house, Kuching Sarawak

Year 2002
Before I left to Kuching, Sarawak. Location: Tuaran, Sabah.

Year 2001
Teenager Action Team (TACT) recollection at Kiulu, Tuaran, Sabah.

Year 2005
Somewhere around Tuaran. Forgot the beach name. I think it is Pulau Gendang.

Year 2003
I missed my long hair!

I will laugh everytime I see these pics... Ahaha.. More photos can be found at my Facebook Album. I hope you all laughing now.. Laugh is a good teraphy you know.. Hehe..



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