Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Birthday to My lil' Sis - Audrey Joan Anthonius

This post is for my Lil' Sister - Audrey Joan Anthonius.

I don't remember when the last time I gave her a present. But I don't think I gave her any present before.. Yeah, yeah.. I know I'm not a good brother. Hehe..

But deep inside my heart, I know that I always have a place in my sister's heart. And for sure she has a place in my heart! I don't know if I am a good brother to him but I always care and try to be there whenever she needs me.

You know, when we were still kids, she is my fighting partner. Not fighting as "fighting". What I mean is we always quarrel and I think that is normal for every siblings. As we growing up, we beginning to be closer to each other. We will have our gossip sessions sometimes. Well, can't help it coz she's the only sister of our siblings. Sometimes, she tell her problem to me and I think that's what make us closer. We can talk almost about everything and when we don't want our parents to know what we talking about, we will speak in Mandarin.. Hahaha.. And my dad will ask:"Apa yang kamurang cakap tu??? (What are you guys talking about?)" Hahaha..

So, that's why I write this post for her. I don't have any present for her so I gave her a great birthday song made by my friend, Kay Kastum (I told you he is a good composer, didn't I?). So I'll put the video here so that everybody can enjoy.

So for my sister, here's the song for you....



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