Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My List of Addictions

Another day has passed and I'm still awake now at 3.00am...

Well it is just my sleeping habit. I wouldn't call it sleeping problem because a lot of people having the same thing happening to them. If you ask me to go to bed and sleep before 12am, I don't think I can fulfill your request as I'm used to sleep around 3.00am to 7.00am. Another reason is I feel like this is the best time for me to do all my work online - marketing, checking emails, check my eBay account, updating my Facebook (now I have 2 accounts to maintain) and other stuff.

I can't stop this as I am addicted to Internet and Computers. Since the first time I lay my hand on computer, I feel the connection and I really like it. I still remember that time, I think it was on 1998, the era of mIRC. I was addicted to mIRC and spent almost everyday at cyber cafe as that time not everybody can afford to buy a PC. And that was my starting point and it has become my addiction up until today.

Symptoms of Addiction of Internet and Computers (AIAC).
1. You can't get your hand off your keyboard even it is 7.00am and you already feel sleepy.
2. You still sitting in front of your PC/laptop even your job online in finished and in fact you have nothing to do anymore.
3. You pick up your phone and call anybody just to wake them up to accompany you in YM/MSN/Google Talk or any other Instant Messaging.
4. Changing your Facebook/MySpace/Friendster/Hi5 profile pictures more than 3 times a day.
5. Taking almost all the quizes available in Facebook and publish them on your profile and hoping that your friend will see it.
6. "Jangan dulu ko tidur baa... masih awal lagi ni. Kita chatting la sampai pagi..."
7. Updating your Facebook status and keep on refreshing your profile page every 2 minutes just to check if your friend commented on your status or not.
8. You spend at least 2 hours on YouTube. That's because you keep on clicking on related videos and you end up leaving your real purpose on YouTube behind.
9. And you name it.... The list still can be built.

Anyway, I only have 2 symptoms of the above list. lol.

Apart from AIAC, I also addicted to other things. See below:
1. Guitar
2. Nescafe/Coffee
3. Tobacco/Cigarettes
4. Tuaran Mee
5. Ikan Basung
6. Kicap soya cap Ayam (only available in Sabah)
7. Chili (cili padi dari Tuaran, KL punya cili ndak sedap)
8. MONEY (I want to get addicted to money so that I will only chase money everyday! Money is not everything but everything now needs money!)

I can live without Guitar (as long as there is music), Tuaran Mee and Ikan Basung (as long as I don't keep them in my mind) but not the others -Nescafe, Cigarettes, MONEY, Kicap soya cap ayam and especially Chili. I just addicted to them.

This last addiction is the one that I really can't live without. That is my Baby, my fiance or any names that I would call her. I'm telling you I don't know how to continue to survive if she is not around. To be specific, my ultimate addiction is LOVE for my Baby.

Well, that's it for now. So tell me your addictions too guys.. this should be an interesting topic to disscuss. Therefore, don't forget to comment and share your addictions, too.

I'm going to end this post now but I wont go to bed yet... I just don't feel sleepy.......

Until next post~




  1. i have all the addition for the 1st part.. hahahah! matilah sya.. i'm in dead zone~

  2. Haha Girl... That's normal for most of the people. Hehe... Don't worry.