Thursday, June 25, 2009

Going Out - Do you need a purpose?

I have been thinking about this for a while now. But every time I wanted to write about this there's this thing keep on coming through my mind asking me to write something else. There are bunch of ideas and thought in my head about what to write next in my blog. But they will be gone by the time I starting to write here.

So I found a new way of remembering it. Thanks to my fiance's sister for this. I saw her always with her book writing something. Sometimes more then twice a day. So I asked her what she's writing about. And she told me she's planning to have a blog and starting to write down whatever she have in her mind. It is a preparation for her new blog actually. So, that very moment, I grab my notebook and write down what topic to write next. I didn't write in details, I just note down the title of my post and the rest will be done automatically once I lay my finger on my keyboard.

Back to the topic.
Let me ask you this again. Do you need a purpose to go out?
My answer is always yes. I don't know about you guys but I always think about the purpose of me going out. There are some people, one of them is my fiance, don't really need a reason/purpose to go out. They will just like - "Let's go to somewhere". And when I ask where we want to go and the answer will be "anywhere" or they will mention the place name. For instance, Starbuck. And I will ask again, "and what will we be doing there?". The usual answer for that question is, "nothing. just want to get out from this house for a while". I always end up going out with my fiance because she want to go out. But in the end, I usually like it when I go out with her. lol.

It is actually depends on us as individual. You might just want to take a fresh air rather than staying at home doing nothing, or meeting some friends for chit-chatting, drinking beers, go to pubs, or you JUST want to go out! I don't know... Different people have different thinking.

I have a friend who can make a sudden plan. I heard a story about him wake up in the morning and decided to go to Penang just for having breakfast! And he will go to hotel's toilet just because he need to use toilet. Oh yes, he has toilet in his house. He's a little bit adventurous I think.

I think that's all by now. I need to continue my other works and can't spend too much time here in Blogspot.

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