Thursday, June 18, 2009

P1 WiMAX - the speed is superb but not always!

Hi all,

It is time for me to make my own review on my current Internet Service Provider (ISP) which is P1 WiMAX.

I switched from streamyx to P1 just because I don't like streamyx service and the connection speed was sucks, too! Another reason of this switching was because we were moving to a new house (another block of same condo). Then I went to TM Point at Sunway Damansara Branch and they said the phone ports are full and have to put my application on waiting list. I have worked as Streamyx Help Desk before and based on my experience if your name is on the waiting list, then you have to wait for at least a months or more. It is depends on whether there are people moving out from my area and not using the phone anymore.

So I said, that's it! I agreed to the customer service and pray so that there is a way for me to have internet connection. As I was on the way home, just before my condo entrance, I saw p1 bus parked at the road side and without even thinking, I stopped in front of the bus and called one of the staff to test the signal at my condo. Before I proceed... I forgot to tell you that I have been checking and reviewing P1 WiMAX before this.

And they came with me (there were 2 of them) and tested the signal at my computer room. The result was superb! The signal LED was green and I'm viewing videos on YouTube without even pausing the video. The video streaming was crazy! I have never seen such speed except in my former workplace where I can download a full movie with 800MB in 17 minutes. But P1 speed still not as fast as my former office speed. Yet, it is much faster that streamyx.

So, I immediately decided to subscribe to P1 after seeing that kind of connection speed. We waited for few hours and we got the connection. We were so happy that the connection speed was as expected. It was extremely FAST! For a person who like P2P downloading, this is the kind of speed I was looking for. The download rate on my BitComet went up to 270Kbps and I have no slow browsing issue while I'm downloading. All these things make me happy...

The bad part....

After about a month of using P1, the connection speed started to slowing down a little but that's fine with me as I'm aware that it is not cable connection but using wireless signal. WiMAX came from the word Wireless Microwave Access and the technology is based on microwave signal. So keeping this in mind, I thought it will only be temporary...

The worse part....

The third month, it was ok but I was not as impressed as I used to when I first met this 'Download King'. That's what P1 staff called it. I complained and send them email of a screenshot of my speed test. I subscribed to 2.4Mbps (RM199 per month) but I only getting less than 1Mbps of download speed and the upload speed not even reach 100kbps! And I thought - What the Heck is happening?? I released my ip, renew it, reset my modem but it was still the same.

The worst part...

It is still happening today! Oh my gosh! And it getting even worse than the worse part! I'm using internet not just for entertainment, downloads or leisures. I used internet for my online business most of the time! I have few blogs to maintain, I'm selling on eBay, selling items on an online game and this means that I need a fast connection for both downloading and uploading. I subscribed the 2.4Mbps package because of this and because I'm sharing this internet connection with my other housemate. I don't want to hear anything like 'we are the download king' or whatsoever crap. You claimed yourself 'Download King' and 'Fastest broadband in Malaysia' and we as customer hope that you deliver as what you claimed to us!

Today I don't bother to download while surfing anymore. It just make things worse. And the download/upload rate? Don't make me talk about that.

That is my review... It seems that the connection is ok sometimes, but not always. The thing that happening often is it was slow, just slow... Sometimes I even thought of switching to streamyx back but the contract of my P1 is 2 years. I guess I just have to wait for my contract to end and subscribe to any new, stable and promising ISP next.

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  1. I understand your grief when you face such problem.

    Do you mind to troubleshoot the problem for yourself?

    Kindly check out this link:

    This will help you to troubleshoot your connection.

  2. 1. I am also WiMax subscriber.
    2. When u applied for any broadband, u had to understand their threshold policy. Kalau using 1.2M like me, download+upload rate cannot lebih 20GB every month..kalau lebih, terpaksa tunggu 1haribulan before reset. If 2.4M maybe 40GB, if i'm not mistaken.
    3. If I had a problem on connection, I will just call them straight way, then they suruh off for 15minutes, and they will reset their connection after that. Ur connection will be ok like before, TAPI as long as ur download+upload belum cecah limit.

  3. HeHeHunter,
    Thanks for the advice... And will do the troubleshooting later. Hey, I will add your blog to my blog and hoping you could do the same? HEhe.. Thanks.

    Terima kasih banyak2. Nanti sa call dorang. But everytime I called they will take down my details and say that somebody will call. And that's just not the way supposed to be. Anyway, I will just call them la.. Thanks for the tips.

  4. u already exceed the threshold in 18 days?

    or threshold reset on billing cycle date?