Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friend or "Friend"?

Hi there. It is a new day, and here I am writing a new post.

Friend or "Friend"?

What is a friend for? Always, we heard people say or read on any books about "A friend in need is a friend indeed". What is the meaning of friend? Do we really need friend? Or Friend?

I'm not trying to confuse anybody here but just by saying "Hey meet my friend" isn't making the "Friend" a real friend. We could simply talk to any stranger and know a little about him and you can consider he or she is your friend. Below are few types of friend that I can think of. You might be fall into any of the below categories. Check it out!

1. Occasional Friend.
Ever thought about this? This type of friend is those that you call only when there is event happening. Like clubbing, shopping or party. You might be familiar with this words - "Ndak payah la kita bawa si Anu gi clubbing tu. Nanti dia boring, susah lagi kita mo layan2 dia nanti". Sounds familiar?

2. A Giver
This is the most rare type of friend. A friend that will give anything that he think he should give. Or bring any present whenever going to other friend's house just for the sake of bringing present! He/she will also willing to pay all the bills whenever you having dinner or anything that involve $$$. If you have this kind of friend, appreciate him/her for he/she is the most precious friend you will have.

3. The Loaner
A friend who has everything that you would want to buy and is usually willing to lend you whatever you ask for. But this friend is not "Ah long", he just want to "tolong".

4. The Jerk
A friend who is annoying in terms of behaviours or talks. The word came out from they mouth sometimes irritate our heart but they didn't mean it. But they will appologize later if they realize they did something wrong. Anyway, this type of friend has a golden heart. A jerk doesn't has to be really bad. HEhehe..

5. The School / Work Friend
They are the people who help you get through the school or work day that you never really see anywhere else. You are not so close to them, but always they are the one to find whenever you are bored in the office or school.

6. The Best Friend
A friend that know you inside and out and the type of person you can easily spend the whole day with everyday. You would share your secret with this friend without hesitation. This friend even know how long is your ..... or how big is your .....

7. The Men's Best Friend
A friend that will love you unconditionally in exchange for a little attention. You wont realize this because you grew up together and never think of fall in love with him/her. You will call this friend when you need him/her. This friend is also rare as he/she might be your life partner. I think it happened to someone I know... Now, who was that?? Hmmm.....

8. The Significant Other
This friend known by many names, most frequently called husband or wife. They are the ones you share your life with. Sometimes, the greatest friend might be this type of friend.

Well, it is up to you guys to judge which one is Friend and which one is "Friend".

God created us, human to have friends. There are many types of friend in this world and we might be fall into one of the above categories. So choose wisely...

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