Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Norikot Nodii Hujung Bulan Lima

Believe it or not, we are reaching the end of May. Time just go so fast that we sometimes didn't realize it!

For all of us Sabahan (Kadazan Dusun Murut), it is the month of Kaamatan (Harvest Festival) and it should be a great month for us to gather together.

But this post is not about talking and sharing about Kaamatan but to share to everybody who read this in or Facebook about Kaamatan Song.

Guys, I actually like this one song. You wont know the composer unless you know him before. I tell you he is a humble guy and you never expect him composing a song. Sorry dude, that was my perception last time. Hehehe.. But after visiting his blog and listen to all of his songs. I was like "Damn! He is good!".

Below is the details of the songs. There are 2 versions of the songs. One is Acoustic Version and another one is Electric Version which is updated version of the acoustic version and featuring Alvin @ Defoo from Infinatez.

Title: This is Kaamatan -Electric Version feat. Alvin Infinatez @ Defoo
Composer: Kay Kastum Standford Junior
Lyric: Kay Kastum Standford Junior

This is Kaamatan (Electric Version) - Kay Kastum and Alvin a.ka. Defoo

Title: This is Kaamatan -Acoustic Version
Composer: Kay Kastum Standford Junior
Lyric: Kay Kastum Standford Junior

This is kaamatan - Kay Kastum

This is the first English Kaamatan Song I heard. I don't know if there is any song like this out there...

Well enjoy the song while we are still in Kaamatan Mood. ^_^

You can listen to the songs before you download it from Kay's Blog.

Kotobian Tadau Tagazo do Kaamatan

Jason Aaron a.k.a Gsone


  1. Brother!

    I am humbled by your post. Thanks buddy. :)

  2. No problem Dude. You are really great composer.. And you should now that.. Hehehe..

    Ok ba Kalau ko.