Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's been 19 hours since my last sleep!

Yeah you hear me right. I was awake for 19 hours since my last sleep! What the heck is happening to me? I just... cannot fall asleep.

Has this happened to anyone of you before. I wanted to take the flu pill. What you call that? Piriton? Well, that's what we call. In fact that's the pill's name right? But, I don't want to take it because it might give me side effect..

Since I cannot sleep, here I am, in front of my PC, updating my blog.

People say you have to have enough sleep to gain enough energy or for proper rest for your body. I agree to that. I always wanted to sleep at right hours and to complete the full 8 hours. I have been commenting on my friends status on Facebook and they do the same. Those people that still awake (the last I checked was at 7.00am). I saw people get offline and get online again, ready to go to work. I saw my neighbor woke up as early as 5.00am and get ready to go to their college (they are Mahsa College student). And few hours after this, my housemate (a teacher) will come back from his school. In fact I saw he go to sleep last night and wake up this morning.

Having said that, it is a rare opportunity for me to see what's happening during the supposed to be sleeping hours. I see how night turn to day, dark turn to bright and the I can hear now the sounds of vehicle at the highway which make it is impossible to sleep now.

So I guess I will stay awake until I get tired and realllly sleepy then I will go to bed. As I am writing right now, all of you have started your new day and I feel that I am still in Yesterday. Hehehe.. So instead of saying yesterday "Yesterday", I said it "Just Now". What the heck!

I haven't felt this for a while. I used to be in this situation when I was still working in Hewlett-Packard (HP). Doing night shift was terrible. I got to stay awake for the whole night and go back in the morning. I remember how those fresh faces in the morning coming to work. While me, with the "Night Face". After I reach home, I will do my little thing (internet), only then I go to sleep. And that was already 10-11am in the morning.

There is a good and bad side of working/staying awake at night. I read on my friend, Kay's blog about him working at night. He said that he like to work at night because there are no traffic jam, which is true. And he got the chances to see the sleeping habit of his fellow friends, which I did last night.

The bad side is, it is really hard to adapt to this kind of life man. I mean, we as a human being already used to wake up at day and sleep at night. And sleeping on the day with the light of the day coming through your windows just make you couldn't sleep at all. Unless you are used to it, then it is ok.

I always sleep early. Early as in early in the morning! Usually at 6.00am (it is still dark here in KL, just like 5.00am in Sabah). Hahaha. But that is before sun rise. I just have to make sure that as long as the day light still not appear, I go to sleep. If it is already 7.00am in the morning. That's it! It will took me 1-2 hours to concerntrate to sleep. I sounded weired... lol.

I don't know what to write anymore. You know, when you awake for more than 19 hours you cannot think properly. I think I will be laughing when I wake up later at night and see the craps I say here.

Until next post!

Jason Aaron @ Gsone

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