Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Google Friend Connect - A great way to connect with friends!!

Hello all,

I think you have noticed another new gadget on my blog. Why do I have to add so many gadgets? Well, I simply like it! I just want to connect to all of my friends in any possible way. And now my goal is to make you guys to be in my Google Friend Connect list. lol.

Here's the screenshot:

Noticed the new blue bar on top of this page? Yes, that's it. That is Google Friend Connect social bar. Rather than posting a comment on my cBox, you can easily post your comments on my social bar. Just post anything BUT virus! Yes, you heard me right, post anything - Comments, Reviews or even a YouTube Link.

I think I can noticed any news by just opening my blog and check the comments posted on the bar rather than open my FaceBook account. But don't get me wrong, Facebook is really cool and I like it, too. But, sometimes I don't open my Facebook account for few days and I might missed any updates of my friends.

By posting your news, events or even promotions of your products (if you have any), I can easily check it on my social bar. Cool isn't it? Yeah it is cool and fast! Hehehe...

Well my fellow friends, it is up to you if you want to add another gadget on your blog. I add this gadget simply because I like it (i said it before) and because it is not too big that it can distract viewers.

Anyhow, as I said earlier, I want you guys to be on my Google Connect friend's list. So don't hesitate, just go and join. Hehehe...

Jason Aaron

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