Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Is "Jobless" really means Jobless?

Hi again,

I don't update my blog daily but I do check it daily. But once I update it, there just ideas came up i my mind. So I don't want to keep it until I forget it. It is better for me to update my blog as much as I can in ONE day. hehehe..

Most of my friends knew that I did Network Marketing before. If you're not familiar with Network Marketing, how bout this - MLM? Direct Selling? Yes, I've been there, done that!

Siapaaaa ba suruh ko buat tu (who ask you to do that)???

Nobody. It was all my decision. I was kind of afraid what people will say about this if I write about this in my blog. Actually, it is more to shame than afraid. But, like hell I care now! You will have your own opinion and I respect it. Hehehe...

First about MLM/Network Marketing/Direct Selling.

From your own view, is it wrong? Or is it worth to join this industry? I would say it is not wrong. It is depends on which company you join and how they present the business to you. For your information, I joined DCHL (its usually known as Lampe Berger or SYN). Am I still doing it? The answer is NO! I know most of you will say "sepa suruuuh". I don't care, at least I did tried to change my life in things I have never done before. Is DCHL a scam? No! Well it is depends on how people do the business presentation. I did approach most of my friends, but I tell you what... NONE of them joined. NONE! I did the business presentation for other member and guess what? I closed most of the sales! But I just don't get it, why it was so hard for me to close my own sales! Maybe the packages available are too expensive for them to join... I'm not sure. So after around 3 months in Sabah, I decided to come back to KL since it is hard to expand my network in Sabah. But other network expanding greately. So here I am now, in KL, enjoying my life!

I will tell you what I am doing now in KL. I'm not going to share my personal life but will share my financial life.

After I joined DCHL, the 1st three months were the best months I had. I couldn't believe myself when I got total of RM16,000 in just 3 months! But that was the beginning and after that, I couldn't sustain my business. I did what the successful people in this business taught me, but it just not going anywhere. So after I came back to KL I decided to stop the business for a while. And as of today, I have decided not to continue that business anymore. I never give up in making money, I just thought about the Idea of working from home and I decided will do business from home full time!

Right now I AM JOBLESS! Is "jobless" really means Jobless? It is depends on how you define it. I'm just tired of the question "Sudah dapat kerja ka?". Now I am answering once and for all! I am still Jobless. That's clear! I don't want to hide it anymore. I want to face the reality rather than hiding behind it! I can say I already have a job, but still I am Jobless. So why I need to lie about this? Again, I am JOBLESS!

My definition of Jobless is............. Sitting at home and do nothing. I am not jobless just because I don't work with any company. So what if you are working with Multi National Company and I'm not? What do you have to say about that? Hey guys, I still survive here with good health. I might not have similar job with you guys. I might not working with a company. I might not working with the government! All I want you guys to know is..... if you, who read this post are my friends, I just need your support in what I do not talking behind me or being a SPY to somebody to check me out! I just need support in everything I do to continue my living.


If you are really a friend, don't be a busy-body asking questions like a policeman. Don't come and ask me what I'm doing just for the sake to compare that your job is better than mine. Please have some respect in what I do and I repect what you are doing.

Right now, I am looking for ways of doing anything from home to make money. I make money online and I still does. My income might not be as much as yours but I still able to fill my fridge with foods, pay my rental and bills. You might work in a big company but I work for myself, not others. You might have huge amout of salary at the end of the month but I get my income daily. You are working 9-5 working hours but I work on my own time, I go out whenever I want. As for me, "everyday is Friday".

Don't get angry for the above facts. The thing is, I just want this message to deliver to those that talk bad things at my back. I don't need any apology, I just want you to open your eyes on your surroundings.


You give me SHIT and you will get it back!

Wish you all good luck in everything you do and please wish me luck too.

God Bless and Regards,
Jason Aaron


  1. Being 'Jobless' is my dream man! I want to be Jobless, wake up when I have really enough sleep and still find some 'kaching!' coming in.

    Nothing to worry mate. As long as you do what you believe in. I have made major changes and decisions in life before and are about to make more soon. Better die trying and knowing then die not knowing at all!

    To add to that, online opportunity is always there. I started blogging and so far I can make some decent pocket money online. I only blame it on myself for not focusing 100%. But the $$ is real bebeh!

    With a a positive person like you, nothing can go wrong. You can DUIT!

    p/s Reading your blog for more than 10 mins, when I look at other areas, there's this lines that are still visible... ha ha

  2. Hi, Jeesone...

    It's me May..just want to remind you that this is life. A normal life that human beings are always facing. If you think you are not good at this one, maybe you are good for that one. And I wish I can be like you guys, working with your own flexible time..I hate office hours! hehe..


    In this proud land we grew up, strong we were wanted all along.
    I was taught to fight, taught to win, I never thought I could fail.
    No fight left or so it seems I am a man whose dreams have all deserted..

    I've changed my face, I've changed my name, but no one wants you when you lose. Don't give up cause you have friends, don't give up you're not beaten yet. Don't give up I know you can make it good.

    Though I saw it all around I never thought that I could be affected.
    I thought that we would be the last to go it is so strange the way things turn. Don't give up you still have us. Don't give up we don't need much of anything.
    Don't give up cause somewhere there's a place, there's a place where we belong... :)

    Do whatever you wanna do Jason! Life must goes on..take care always! Regards to Jeena..

  3. Hello there Kay and May..

    I go for Kay first,
    Dude, thanks for the comment! I just want to do things that I like. No matter how hard the starting is, I believe in myself that I will become a successful person in the future. By the way, you are a positive person too dude!

    After leaving you guys in Sabah, I really thought a lot of you guys - You, Intan, Sengko, Azray and Teddy. Sorry for not even calling you guys over there. I just feel guilty to you guys that we cannot support you guys anymore. Simply because we need to continue to survive. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and I really appreciate you comment. Also, Thanks for visiting my blog. Hehe.. When we go back to Sabah, we will call you, ok?

  4. Jobless means job are less. so no job at the moment until government expended it investment and cut 1/2 of their corruption.

    Busy body sure have 1, just they don't appreciate they life now as they think they are super, and other is lower. But ask them to read this word reverse "kcuf" And maybe they have no ball hanging down there, and try to learn be "old lady pot" hahaha

  5. Helo there Welson. What you said is true as well. Maybe it sounded a bit rude. But I know you, pal.. Hehehe. Sometimes people have to listen to the way you say (kcuf) in order for them to realize.

    Thanks for the comment!

  6. hang in there bro .... some people takes time to get to their dream ... but with hard work and loads of faith ... you will make it.... dun give a shit what people say .. cos in the end they can only say things..dun get ur hopes down .... love u bro

    keep believing urself

  7. Hi Sis Pet (Since you calling me bro. lol),

    Thanks for the positive comment. You are one of the positive person I know in my life. And you have proved it in reality. I can tell you that you are lucky that you faced the situation as I am facing now earlier. But I guess I am lucky either because I got a chance to prove that I will be a successful person one day rather than staying in my comfort zone for the whole life. As Kay said - "Better die trying and knowing than die not knowing at all!".

    Again thanks for spending your time to read this post. Hehe.. One of most controversial topic I ever post....