Thursday, June 19, 2008

Be thankful...

Hi and Thank You For Visiting My Blog Again.

Before I start my point, I would like to you guys to ask yourself questions which you never thought about before. "Have you ever thought that there will tomorrow for you?". Yes, that's the question. I once had a blog in Friendster and wrote a similar topic there.

That time, last year on January, I wrote about how short our life is. We always take for granted of what we had in our life. We always being not satisfied with our life, hoping that our life will end. I, do sometimes felt that way before I posted the topic on Friendster blog.

I realized that I should stop complaining with the miserable life I had and be thankful of what I have so far. There are millions of people who don't have the life like what we have. There are millions of people who have the desire to live longer in this world but they didn't get what they wanted. There are millions of people who don't have the idea what will happen to them in the next seconds and when that seconds come, they are no longer in this world.

Last year on January, my best friend passed away. I think most of you knew that. That was one of the hardest moment in my life. I cannot stop thinking about him. He is really good guy which has never had problem with other people before. That guy is really a nice guy.

Just recently, I think 3 days ago, one of my old friend, Veronieta Antau Stephen, passed away. We were quite close when we're still kid (primary school). But when we grown up, we seldom meet up and talk to each other. That's not the point actually. She was also a really, really good person. I never heard of she create any trouble to other people. But she is no longer in this world. Maybe God love her more that He took her earlier that us. That's how it is, our life is in God's hand. If He want to take it back, then that's it. Veronieta is well known in our hometown, as well as in the state itself. Especially in sport - Taekwondo. She had given a lot of contribution in taekwondo to Sabah state.

More information of her please click here.

So people, I have nothing else to say about her. Just please always remember that our life is shorter that we think. Remember, be thankful of what we have now.

That's it for now.

Until next time!

Jason Aaron

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