Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Past and Present

Hi there people!

"It's been a while" - I don't know how many times have I used this phrase. But this time, it has been so many months since my last post. I can say that I don't really miss writing as I'm not good at it. And I am not a creative guy who can come up with interesting idea. Sometimes, I even thought about converting this blog into vlog or photoblog. Simply because it is easier that way. You know what they say - Pictures say thousands of words. But I am not talented it that as well. lol.

Put that aside, now that I'm back here in my blog, I just want to share what I've been doing for the past few months.

Last year was definitely not a good year for me. I could say that it was my darkest year ever! It is not related to evil, though. My life was miserable and the effect still can be felt till this very moment! I don't want to go too details in that, as it will make me sad.

One of the thing I want to put in this post is that I joined Prudential as a full-time agent. Well, it's been 5 months now. Am I doing good there? No - this is my honest answer. It is not anybody's fault. For me, to be successful in anything, you just have to work as the same as those successful people in the same business. I don't know how many times have I been hearing the same thing about success. I understand everything about it. But to do it is not easy. Now I really understand of the words :" To say it is easier than to do it". IT IS NOT EASY TO CHANGE YOURSELF. But the way I see things and thinking... I can say that it has started to change.

Last February, my fiance's father passed away. It was a tough time for everybody in the family. After that, my fiance and I decided that she will stay at kampung (hometown) because situations has change. So, I came back here (Damansara) and continue with my Insurance business. Being here without my baby..... feels like I'm missing part of my body.... But hey, life goes on. I got things that I want to get. I have dream that I want to achieve! I just need to be strong and move forward!

As for now... There are a lot of plans in my head. Latest project is 'Borneoclub'. What the heck is Borneoclub? Well we are a group of people that share the idea of family. We are happy when we get together. We sing, we laugh and drink together. Those moments make us came up with this idea of gathering people as a family and have fun! So, we have planned to organize events that can gather large group of people through out the year.

Having said that, we @ Borneoclub also have our own product/services line. T-shirts, Car windscreen stickers, caps, graphic design, web design. We don't want to waste our talent. I have been dreaming for so many years, that I can come up with our own t-shirt design. And now, we have it!

The 1st Borneoclub T-shirt (B-shirt)

This is just a preview.. We have few color selection. To be announced soon!

So, that's all bout it. Simple and not too long. Until next time!~


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