Thursday, August 20, 2009

Posting using Windows Live Writter

As the title said, yes, I’m using Windows Live Writter to write this post. I don’t know what happened to blogger but started recently blogger really piss me off because the time to load and save or image uploading is slow. While I’m able to surf the net without problem, blogger just loaded slowly. I don’t know if you are facing the same problem but me? Yes.

By writing new post using Windows Live Writter, it save me much times. I don’t need to wait for blogger to load. In fact, I don’t even need to login to blogger if I want to. One of the great thing about this software is that it publish your post quite fast. And that including uploading photo! But of course I need to log in, right? Well, how am I supposed to see new comments on my posts? Here some of screenshot of Windows Live Writter.

Windows Live Writter

If you ask me, I definitely recommend you guys to update your blog using Windows Live Writter as well. It support other blog service as well such as Wordpress, Typepad, etc.

I like to have a bigger space for blog updating. You know what I mean… The space to write/edit posts in blogger is quite small and that make me uncomfortable. If you are really interested you can download the installer at Windows Live download page. The installer comes in a bundle of Windows Live software but you can choose not to download the other application and just install Windows Live Writter. Believe me, you wont regret to have this tool!

Well, until next post. I am just about to write another post now.



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