Monday, July 6, 2009

New Commenting System

I have been really active in blogging lately and in fact I have made few new blogger cool friends like Kenwooi and Impostius. There are few more of them and I think you should visit these 2 as well! I like Kenwooi blog since it is almost similar as me where we blog what we want, nothing specific. But you guys should really give a visit to Impostius and you will love his drawing! Haha! I always like his drawing!

Back to the topic, I actually installed new commenting system in my blog. The reason is, I always wondered why those normal blogger blog out there can have a commenting system which ask the visitor to insert their name, email address and website address??? I always want that kind of commenting system and finally I have it on my blog, too! Haha!

Check it out.

As you can see, I post a comment and reply to that specific comment only. It just as I wanted. Hehe.. Sorry to those who made comments on my blog previously, all old comments is no longer available as I have put a this new commenting system.

For more on commenting system, you can visit Simple Blog Tips. I found the answer here as well!~




  1. thanks for the mention!

    i think i'll install disqus instead! maybe.. i'll see how.. or maybe move to a self-hosting host.. =P

  2. Hi there Kenwooi.. I don't know.. I just uninstall intensedebate.. Haha.. I get unsatisfied to fast I think. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

  3. Right now I'm using JS-Kit and it is quite cool, too. It can import all my blogger comments unlike Intense Debate.. I think I'll use this..

  4. Dude, Now I'm using JS-Kit as you see.. What good about this is I can import all my old comments. So I decided to use this. Haha.. Some more I can add pic and youtube video in the comment, too! Cool leh??