Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ticket to Michael Jackson Memorial

I was on my way to send my bro-in-law's girlfriend to Assunta Hospital (she works there), and listening to Hitz.fm. So the time for Hollywood Hook Up with Richard Reid came. They were discussing about few topics but one that attracted me was about the ticket to Michael Jackson memorial which you can watch LIVE on Channel E! (channel 712 on Astro) at 1.00am tomorrow.

I heard about the ticket being sold in high price on several online auction site like eBay and in fact I did check it earlier. It was so shocking that the price for the ticket goes up to USD99,999.99! Yeah that is almost USD100,000.00(that's RM350,000.00 for you)! But the auction didn't last long as it has been banned by eBay. I tried to refresh the auction page and it's no longer exist...

The auction is no longer exist
(click image to enlarge)

I don't think it is right for a person who try to get money using this way. MJ is dead, and could this guy just let him rest peacefully? While it is not right to do that way, this also prove that MJ was a powerful guy. I think if the seller don't even want to attend the memorial, the ticket should just be given to any fan out there who really want to attend and pay respect to the late MJ.

******** Update ********

Just after a few minutes, another auction came up!

And this time the price is USD 15,099.99





  1. wow so expensive the ticket! damn i should have bought earlier and sell it on ebay too! lol

    anyway, RIP MJ..

  2. LOL. As I said, there are some people out there that did this to earn money.. Haha..

  3. Trying to comment with my avatar on..

  4. Stupid ppl who did that...take advantage on MJ funeral??!! @$%&@#$%

  5. Yeah... Those people are stupid. But I don't think they managed to sold the ticket as eBay will ban them before they can even sell it. lol.