Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Re: New Commenting System

This is regarding my earlier post about New Commenting System. I was using IntenseDebate and found out that I was not satisfied with it. I guess I get unsatisfied too fast.. lol.

And Kenwooi visited my blog and found out my he is commenting on normal blogger comment form. Yeah dude, I was doing some testing.. Haha.. I actually have another blog used for testing anything new before I install into this blog. But I forgot about it and something ugly happened - as I trying to figure out how to install JS-kit properly, I installed it wrongly and the commenting form appear at the bottom of this page. I was like "What the heck?"

What-the-heck face. lol.

But after around 15 minutes, I managed to install it correctly. Now you can start to comment on JS-Kit commenting system. What make me change my mind??? Well, I guess JS-Kit allowed me to import all my old comments and that's exactly what I want! Apart from that, it allow you to upload pictures and youtube video on the comment itself! What a cool features.. Hehe..

Yeah, that was my reply for Kenwooi comment. Hehe..

Try it and you will know it!


  1. oh.. js-kit can import old comments?
    intensedebate and disqus cant right?

    sighs.. i thought of using disqus but it cant import old comments..

  2. Yeah.. js-kit can import old comments.. That's y.. IntenseDebate cannot.. So all the old comment cannot see.

    That's y I recommend JS-kit.

  3. disqus also cannot import.. hmm..
    i think it's high-time for me to get a wordpress blog! =P

  4. I have thought to convert to wordpress too but I've been a blogger user for 2 years now.. I will think of a way to import everything here to wordpress, then I will go for wordpress..