Sunday, July 26, 2009

R.I.P - The great Yasmin Ahmad

I was so shocked last night when I read one of my friend's Facebook status said: "This time it's real guys.. Al-Fatihah to Yasmin Ahmad.."

When I read that, I was like - "WHAT?". I know that she was in Damansara Specialist hospital being treated. I personally hoping that she will get well soon. I never thought that she will leaving this world so soon.

I always love Yasmin Ahmad works and the message she trying to deliver in her films and advertisement (Petronas Ads). The messages are always about racism, family and LOVE. That is what I like the most!

It is really sad that Malaysia lose one of greatest director of all time. To be honest, I'm sad, too. Yeah, I know I don't have any close relation with Yasmin but her movies make us all be closer together. Her works always amaze me and I never get bored no matter how many times I watch her film. In fact, everytime I watch her movie, I will get different message. I don't want to talk too much here as this very post is dedicated to her - THE GREAT YASMIN AHMAD!

Here's some of her works.


Talentime - 2009

Muallaf - 2008

Mukhsin - 2006

Gubra - 2006

Sepet - 2004

(No photo avaiable)
Rabun - 2003

HER ADS (Petronas)

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