Saturday, August 14, 2010

The hardest word to say is....

What is the hardest word or words you ever have to say. Some say 'sorry', some may say 'no'. Well there's a lot of people out can say those words easily, too! I don't know you guys, but for me, it depends on the situation. Sometimes, it is easy to say those words, and sometimes it doesn't.

I used to criticized those people that hard to say NO. I was like "how hard is it to say NO?" that those people have to make up stories and have to agreed to whatever that asked or offered. Well, those were the days when I was still actively doing sales. Not that I don't do any sales job nowadays. I still doing sales for Borneoclub, sometimes selling Insurance (Prudential). You know what, I noticed that I also belong to the same category. Not in sales matter, though.

I found that it is really, really hard for me to make the 'NO' word to come from my mouth, except when I'm with my friends. The reason is, I concern about the other party's feeling. Because I felt that feeling before. They might be able to handle it, but what if that particular person has helped you a lot in the past? What if that person used to has an impact in your life? These are among the other factors of which it is hard for me to refuse. Some of my friends, even my fiance used to said to me - "You know, that attitude of yours might get yourself in trouble one day". And you know what? They are right!

It didn't happen all the time. Sometimes I just say "Sori la, sia malas ba ni". The result of it - I feel bad. That's another factor there. I don't want to feel bad, and of course other people as well. I supposed to have a meeting at one of my part time job's office later in the morning. I wish I could tell them that I couldn't make it because I have to go back to office tomorrow to finish my work. I'm not making this up, but it is true. Even now I am still awake and doing my work from home. But I'll go anyway... sigh. Yeah, you could say that it's suck to take your work back home. But I like what I'm doing now. So shut up and go do the things you like.

Ok, it's time to stop or else I'll start talking nonsense.

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  1. Actually the main reason for all this happen is 'Our Life', we need to survive in the other part, we need to live on and carry on our life and some say move forward if you want to be a successful person.

    For me, a friend is mostly like quilt they never loose their warmth, that means i never forget any friend of mine but always keep in touch and hoping someday we will be hangOut together if there is a free time to have a drinks and chat till midnight, that's how i felt about friend..

    No worry dude, your friend is your friend and they understand the feeling of it..

    Just dont forget to support Borneoclub :) Ngehehe..

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