Saturday, October 13, 2007

Are You Bored?

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“Are you bored?” That is today question.

I am sure that there will be times when we all feel tired and extremely bored especially after doing hard work, manage a lot of things, listening to you higher management's order, and you name it..

A lot of things that will make us feel like that, right?

Well, this post might help you because today I will let you know some useful links that might cure your boring moments!

Before that, I know you might have some ideas on how to overcome your boring moments, like go to YouTube, do online quizzes, Sudoku, and more to list down. Well, as for me, this is one of the thing that I can do to overcome my boring moment - write a post to my blog. Another reason is, my company doesn't restrict me to blogging, but they did restrict us to watch video (although sometimes I did - lol). It depends on us actually, on what to do when we are bored. Enough said, let get started!

Another good thing is all the website provided free services.

Below are 10 useful links related to curing your boring moments:

1. I Am Bored


“I Am Bored” will get you through even the most dreadfully long days by being the most entertaining website on the Internet.

Hours pass like minutes as you dive into games, movie clips, songs, jokes, quizzes, horoscopes, forums and more. Furthermore, I am Bored is safe. You don't have to worry about adware or spyware. And, you can navigate this site at the office or with your kids.

Even the sites that have links on this website “MUST NOT HAVE ADULT CONTENT”, which is another reason, make this website to be in the top spot!

2. MiniClip


Another great free entertainment website! Without question, MiniClip is the best website to find tons of free games. The game graphics on this website are awesome. There are games for everyone-puzzles, sports, trivia, strategy, card, classic arcade and more. This is strictly a gaming site; you won't find a lot of other entertainment content here.

The qualities of the games are awesome! You hear me right – it is AWESOME! Please visit this website and soon you will thank me for suggesting this website to you. Believe me, you won’t regret it.

3. Guinness World Record


See the biggest, fastest, tallest, most amazing and the most skilled on Spend hours sifting the archives of astounding people, animals, gadgets and world record smashing feats. Or, set a new world record of your own in your free time-the site provides all the information you need to plan and track your record attempt.

All of the videos are very clear, load quickly and don't stutter during play. The pictures are also easy to view.

4. Google Video


Whether you're looking for a video clip of a sports legend like Michael Jordan or a segment of a U2 concert, you'll likely find it on Google Video. This website has a video on just about any topic.

Some of the content is professionally created, like the movie clips and commercials, but much of it is filmed and submitted by users.

Another great site and service by Google!

*For those who don’t know, YouTube is also a service provided by Google and some of the video in Google Video are linked to YouTube.


URL: is one of the most popular and largest databases of video clips on the web. You can see everything from crazy stunts to your favorite TV commercials. You can spend hours browsing and watching the collection of clips on this site.

Like some of the other video sites, you won't find games or other forms of entertainment, just an array of videos.

6. eBaum's WORLD


Ebaum's World is one of the most frequented entertainment websites on the Internet. This website has a little bit of everything-videos, games, soundboards, pictures, magic and more.

This website isn't as “clean” as some of the higher-ranked sites. Ebaum's World isn't designed for children and contains some fairly graphic images and strong language.


URL: doesn't have the quantity of games offered by some of the other sites but the quality is great. There are also new games in the works so you can check back often to find new Teagames.

These games are simple, but fun and very addicting. The graphics are decent and the movements in the games are very fluid and make the games more realistic.

8. Coffee Break Arcade


Another game-based entertainment site - Coffee Break Arcade is full of fun little games that are easy to learn and play. You can visit this site if you just have a few minutes to burn or need a quick break.

As I mentioned above, this site is limited to games and you won’t find any video, audio or jokes in this site.

The good things are you’ll find some of your favorite TV classics like Wheel of Fortune and Millionaire.

There is a game for everyone on this site. There are children's, action, card and shoot'em up games and brainteasers, for people who want to put a little more thought into the game.

9. Holy Lemon


Contain Funny Videos, Flash Movies, Fun Games and Funny Pictures. This entertaining website has a little bit of everything to fight your boredom and they are constantly updating and adding to the content.

This site also contains kid’s game but I think it is no appropriate to kids as they are some advertising that have adult contents. For example, the “Hot Screensaver”

10. Free Addicting


This is definitely a site to add to your favorites list and visit when you're bored or just need a break from work. There are hundreds amusing games and even some flash animations.

This is the best part – this site is free from adware and spyware and, for the most part, Free Addicting Games is safe for the office. Some of the ads show "hot babes"-nothing too risqué.

The games are quite good (some of them) and some of them will make you boring quite fast. But once you know which game suits you, you will keep on coming back to this site.


That's all for today. Hope you enjoy.

Have Fun!

Jason Aaron Anthonius

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