Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Best Day Ever!

Hi and Thank You For Visiting My Blog.

Today I want to share with you my happy day.

As for me, today is my birthday. How young am I? I am 23 years young. People always say something like “how old are you?” or “I am 23 years old”. It is true that we are getting older day by day. But some other people (like me for example) always feel young in the heart. Hahaha! That’s why; I try to say it in different way. By asking people “how YOUNG are you?” will makes they feel better isn’t it? Therefore, for you who going to be 30 or late 20s, don’t feel old. Never say “I’m old already” because you are not too old to be considered as “old”. Always be young in your heart, and you’ll be young always.

In this past 23 years, I would say that there still a lot of things in my life that not accomplished. I have my own goal and dreams. Most of them still not accomplished. I will keep on moving forward as I don’t want to waste any more times in my life doing something that I don’t like.

One of my friends quoted: “See no evil... Hear no evil... This is my journey, this is my fight... I will fight till the end”.

I like the end of the phrase – I will fight till the end. Sounds cool isn’t it? But this word has no meaning if it only to be read. I can say that it something like we desired something but did not do anything to achieve it. This word needs actions!

I am doing the same here; will keep on fighting till the end. I decided to step forward in every single aspect in my life. Slowly, but surely! This is my prayer… to make every single day after my 23rd year to be a better day.

That’s about me today. Proceed with my brother story…

I think today my brother will be the happiest person. He is getting a son, which makes me feel happy as well. After the birth of the child, we will have a double celebration every year – The child and my birthday! What great news! I have never get this excited before. This is my first nephew… that’s why I feel very happy.

Just called my sister and she is at the Hospital, waiting for the birth as well. You know why me and my other siblings get so excited? It is because this is the first time we get a nephew. Hahaha! That’s why…

I thank God for still giving me this breathe to live on my life. You should be thankful as well. We never know whether we still breathing tomorrow cause life is shorter than we think.

Hope to see you in my blog again. Comments or reply can be done through Blogger or Multiply.

Until next time,

Jason Aaron Anthonius


  1. About the "never say ur old thing" ... macamana kalau yang suda tua bangka masi lagi gaya macam budak2 tu ahh? ada ba kawan sa satu...tua suda ni tapi masi macam budak2 ekeke.. anyway... Uncle jason... napa ko nda pernah reply sms sa ahh? silaka .. tepaLah... Happy bday and congratulations upon being an uncle..

  2. Hehe.. thanks for the comment. Yeye ni kan? Thanks for the wish ye.

    Kalau pasal sudah tua tapi gaya masi budak2 tu.. depends la.. I mean, yang penting dia pandai behave as an adult, think as an adult, you know what I mean. Even sometimes, people tend to act like a "kid" but u never know what is his "other side". Maybe he tried very hard to mix with other youngster.. I don't now.. :D

    Well, it's up to you to judge. Sometimes we, ourselves also don't realize of our doings.

    feel free to come and read more on my posts..


  3. Hellooo tuan rumah.. just drop by anyway. Mcm sy kenal oh kau bos, i mean mcm pernah nampak d KP, hahahaha kau ka tu..sy pun tingga sana juga bah ahahhaa...

    bah ada masa lawat blog sya http://www.dogoes1.blogspot.com/

  4. Hi Jason,

    I'm really glad I stopped by (thanks to BlogRush.) Very inspiring post. Great energy shines through my monitor.

    Just so you know...I'm MUCH younger than you are.

    Stop by and visit...


  5. I remember I had a happy day once. I thought I was bleeding out of my rectum but then realized it was just ketchup from a wild-assed three-some I had the night before.