Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Websites you have to visit!

Hi and thank you for visiting my blog.

After a long consideration, I have decided to make this blog as my personal blog. It's not really personal, but I wanted to make this blog as useful as possible for my visitor - you!

This blog will be a source of information for visitors in especially in I.T related things, musics, movies, and so on. I will provide as much information as possible for those things that I mentioned earlier - links, sites, etc.

Let's proceed to the topic. What do you think when I mentioned "Website you have to visit"?

It is actually straight to the point. You have to visit those websites. Most of the websites I'm going to share have never been heard or visited before and I found out that those websites are very useful. If you bought PC PRO magazine (July 2007), you might have the idea what I'm going to share today.

Enough said. I will list all of the links to the websites and let you judge. In PC PRO (July 2007), they are 50 websites listed that we have to visit. I will share with you 10 of them today.

1. www.picnik.com

With one of the best online interfaces I've yet seen, Picnik is a powerful online photo editor. Just open an image from your PC and make use of Picnik's comprehensive set of editing tools. Now you can edit pictures anywhere, anytime, as long as you connected to the internet.

2. www.angryalien.com

The problem with watching movie is that it takes longer than installing a Vista in your PC. So for time-starved film-buffs everywhere, Angry Alien Productions has ingeniously condensed classic movies into 30 second animations. Starring bunnies.

3. www.thetechdirt.com

There are plenty of technology-oriented news aggregators onlinem but few can hold a candle to Techdirt when it comes to exposing the underbelly of the technology business. As the name suggests, this is one service that isn't afraid to dig the dirt and then put up a bug sign so everyone can come and kick at the pile.

4. www.fark.com

Fark is no ordinary news site: it brings together the strangest, funniest, mosst unlikely news stories from local and national sources around the world, and hosts irreverent discussions of each story coutesy of a loyal corps of regular visitors. Also include regular Photoshop competitions.

5. http://video.stumbleupon.com

StumbleUpon is probably best known as a Firefox extension that directs surfers to random, user-rated websites. The StumbleUpon Video site does exactly the same with video clips taken from just about every video repository on the net.

6. www.askoxford.com

The next time a jumped-up pub quizmaster declares the longest word in the dictionary is "antidisestablishmentariaism", point him towards AskOxford and ask him to look up "pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis" - a 45 letter monster that's described as a "supposed lung disease". AskOxford is more than an online dictionary; it's a wordsmith's dream, delivering hundreds of facts about our peculiar language.
7. www.chordbook.com

This is one of my favourite website and have bookmarked it under my favorites. Teach yourself the guitar without relying on a stuffy manual at Chordbook. The Flash-animated window in the center of the page shows exactly where to place your fingers for any chord possible, so you'll soon be strumming along to Smoke on the Water or The Ace of Spades.

8. www.mailinator.com

There's little quite so irritating as being forced to give your email address to a service or site you'll use only once. Inevitably, it will be sold and your inbox will be bombarded with spam until your dying day. Mailinator offers an ingenious way around this, by providing a disposable email address. You heard me right, disposable email address.

9. www.jumpcut.com

Tired of needing a high-end PC and expensive software to edit your video? Well, now you can edit your video online! You can do it through web browser with the deceptively powerful Jumpcut. Very simple as you drag and drop files to edit.

10. www.yousendit.com

It's difficult to work out what's wore - receiving a 10MB attachment you don't or sending a large attachment and getting a bounceback. Whichever makes ou curse loudest, YouSendIt has a solution. It is like a personal FTP site without the admin: just upload the file the add the email address. You can send files up to 100MB in size for free!

Well, that's it! 10 useful websites for today. I will post the others maybe tomorrow. Hope you guys like this post.

Enjoy and please comment. Thanks.

P/S: I don't like spam. Please behave and don't do anything stupid in my blog.

*Source: PC PRO July 2007 issue.


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