Monday, October 8, 2007

Do you believe in making money online?

Hi and thank you for visiting my page.

You might thinking why am I keep on thanking you everytime I writing a new post. Well, there is only one reason - that is to thank you. It is a good thing isn't it? So, what other reason can it be? Enough said, let's proceed to the main topic.

Lately I've been busy with reading eBooks about internet marketing or how to make money online. Before I proceed, do you really believe that we can make money through the internet? Let say you are new to internet, don't know much about computers. Do you think you can do it?

Let me tell you this. I've been reading hundreds of eBooks just to learn the concept and other thing that can help me do my online business. After I spent few hundreds to buy those ebooks (Yes, I bought it. They are not free!), and read all of them, I finally found the serious and the right person to refer to. Most of the ebooks I bought were just talking craps! In their websites, they said that there are not much to learn and not much to do in order for us to start our own business online. They then ask to buy their ebooks with discounted price. But the content of the ebooks not telling what we expected to. That's made me frustrated.

To make story short, it is true that we can make money online. Most of successful internet marketer had done this for years! In fact, some of them have made millions! One of my friend has started to make money online. It is true when you do it correctly and get a correct person as a mentor. Some of the people out there feels that it is hard and almost impossible to making money online. What do you expect? Money falling from sky by doing nothing? Don't joke with me. You need to work to get the result, man. But internet business is way better than traditional business. It has overcome those traditional barriers - language, geography, and so on.. That's the power of Internet.

Well, it is up to you whether to believe or not. At least I have given you some info. More tips coming in next posts.

Jason Aaron Anthonius

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